How to Get Bigger Muscles Without Leaving Home

How to Get Bigger Muscles Without Leaving Home

If you work long or erratic hours, it can be impossible to workout at a gym to get the bigger, stronger muscles you want. You might feel a sense of helplessness that you will just never reach your goals. But you need to work to pay the bills. Now you can get bigger muscles without ever leaving your home. Find out how to get big muscles on your time schedule.


Watch What You Eat


When you hear the words watch what you eat, it brings to mind dieting and deprivation. In actuality, you should eat more if you want bigger muscles. This does not mean you should feast on fast food and sweet snacks. Bulk up by eating more protein and whole grains. Increase your calorie intake and workout regularly at home to start getting bigger muscles.


Get Good Sleep


A growth hormone is released when you sleep. Even if you have a hectic schedule, you need enough sleep to function properly and get bigger muscles. Fit eight hours of sleep in each day. This gives you the ability to accomplish your daily responsibilities and fuel your workouts. Over time, it also helps you increase muscle mass.


Lift Weights


Free weight are an excellent way to build muscles. Setup an area in your home where you can workout comfortably. Keep some free weights handy and do multiple exercises for each muscle region. Contain to increase your weight as your muscles start to grow. Pump it up and keep challenging yourself without pushing too hard. Have days when you ease up on your workouts. Getting injured will prevent you from working out for awhile, which means your hard-earned muscles could start to shrink.


Overall Body Workout


It takes more than bulky chest and arm muscles to look big and strong. You need to workout your entire body to look balanced and well-toned. Do an overall body workout that includes your back, abdomen and legs. Alternate your workouts to focus on certain groups of muscles each day. Rotate to workout other groups the next day. Be consistent and focus on form to do each exercise correctly. Make sure to warm up before working out and cool down when you are done. Include aerobic exercise in your routine, such as walking or biking.


Don’t Believe in Miracles


There are countless supplements and magic potions that promise to give you bigger muscles. There is no quick fix to getting the muscles you really want. Don’t believe in miracle solutions. You have to do the work to see the lasting results that only come with regular exercise.


Invest in a Home Gym


Resistance training is one of the most effective ways to build bigger muscles that look awesome. Invest in a home gym that helps you accurately focus on various muscles in your body. The Hoist PTS ENS3 provides the benefits of free weight training with stability and variety. Add a machine to get ongoing aerobic workouts, such as the LX8000 lateral elliptical to help you focus on areas such as your legs and hips.