How to Handle the Decline of Fitness in the Workplace

How to Handle the Decline of Fitness in the Workplace

A recent study done by the American College of Sports Medicine revealed there could be a decline in the fitness and health promotions offered in the workplace.

The future could show an upswing in these promotions as the cost of health insurance rises due to preventable health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes. But if your workplace cut back on promotions such as an in-office gym or budget for a gym membership, there are ways you can take care of staying fit and healthy.


Long Hours, Little Free Time

A major concern for many working Americans is the extended hours spent in the workplace. People need money to pay their bills, and the job market is competitive. Both mean people may spend more time working than they really want to. These long hours leave little free time for exercise.

One way to get past this is working out at work. Even if the gym is gone, you can go for a stroll during your breaks and lunchtime. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Arrive five minutes earlier and park further away, so you have to walk. Get off a bus stop ahead so you have to walk further. There are little ways to add exercise to your day.

Make the Most of Time at Home

When you get home after a tough day, the first reaction can be to sit down on the sofa in front of the TV and reach for a fattening snack. Resist this temptation. Learn to find joy in cooking a healthy meal instead with your favorite music playing in the background.

Do some leg lifts while you stand at the stove or sink. Lift the cans of food like weights before you start to cook with them. Briskly walk through the grocery store rather than going to the convenience mart or ordering food in. Commit to walking the dog after dinner every night. There are little ways you can also fit in exercising after you get home. Make sure to get enough sleep every night to avoid fatigue and the temptation to reach for coffee or sweet treats.

Setup a Home Gym

A rainy day can also throw off your workout routine, especially if you walk outdoors during your break and after dinner. A home gym makes it easy to exercise every day, regardless of the weather. It is there whenever you are ready to get moving. Plus, there are many types of equipment, including treadmills and bikes, that can be folded up and put out of the way if you live in a small space.

An elliptical machine is a great way to get a full body workout and make the most of your limited time. Consider the benefits of having a Horizon Fitness EX59-02 Elliptical in your living room, basement, or bedroom. Simply get on the elliptical while you watch your favorite show or listen to music to get the workout you need to feel healthier and more energized for your daily routine.