How to Keep Fitness Local in New Orleans

How to Keep Fitness Local in New Orleans

Louisiana is known for its tasty cuisine and fantastic opportunities for all kinds of adventure. While people can get carried away eating decadent foods and partying, there are also ways to take advantage of the local offerings to stay fit. Changing your mindset can help you appreciate everything at your fingertips in New Orleans and enjoy improved overall health. Discover how to keep fitness local and easy to achieve your goals.


Hiking in New Orleans


New Orleans City Park is the ideal place to escape without going far from home. Hike through 60-acre Couturie Forest to soak up the scenery and do some bird watching. The trails take people past majestic trees and picturesque waterways. It is the home of Laborde Mountain, the highest point of elevation in New Orleans. The park also shows incredible signs of the revitalization of the area after Hurricane Katrina. Of course, it might not be wise to hit the trails during inclement weather. The Precor TRM 425 treadmill offers fantastic walking and running workouts right in your own home. It has incline and decline features that make you feel like you are walking up or down a mountain.


Rowing and Biking in New Orleans


Once again, fitness enthusiasts only have to go as far as the City Park in New Orleans to find outstanding rowing and biking opportunities. Rent a paddle-boat, kayak or canoe to skim across the water and get an amazing workout. Bikers can tour four miles of bike paths from Bayou St. John to Lake Pontchartrain. For those who do not own a bike, they can be rented from the boat house. Rowing and biking are also exercises that are dependent on the weather. Another way to keep workouts local is to set up a complete home gym. It is an ideal place to workout anytime of the day or evening, regardless of the weather conditions. Practice your rowing on the Lifecore LCR99, with an effective combination of magnetic and air resistance that is powered by battery or AC for total convenience of placement. Go cycling in your living room on the compact yet powerful UBK 815 upright bike with an array of programs and custom-designed handlebars for a comfortable ride.


Eating in New Orleans


In June, people learn how to take advantage of local foods in New Orleans to eat a healthy diet all year round. The NOLA Eat Local Challenge starts on June 1 and encourage people to eat local foods for 30 days. The foods should be caught, raised or grown within 200 miles of New Orleans. People discover all types of delicious options that are healthy, too. Eating local foods is affordable, supports commerce in the area and can boost your fitness goals. It is a winning situation all around. Consider local fruits and vegetables, fish and other fare that won’t pack on the pounds. This is the ultimate way to make the most of your workouts and have the lean, fit body you have always dreamed of.