How to Stay Fit Without an At Home Fitness Equipment

How to Stay Fit Without an At Home Fitness Equipment

Staying In Shape Without an Equipment

Keeping your body fit and healthy is important: eating well, exercising regularly, and sleeping well are proven to extend lifespan and improve quality of life.

But what if you don’t have any home fitness equipment? Perhaps you’re saving up for a new elliptical – or maybe you haven’t found any commercial gym equipment suppliers in Jackson that you like.

Don’t worry: with a little planning and ingenuity, it’s possible to work out effectively and stay fit without having to invest in expensive fitness equipment.

Below, we’ve listed our top tips to improve your at-home workouts. And when you’re ready to invest in your first at-home fitness equipment product, stop by Fitness Expo in Jackson to find a machine that fits your fitness needs at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

Use your body weight

Even if you don’t have wholesale exercise equipment, you possess one of the best built-in workout machines available to humanity: your own weight. By utilizing gravity some accessory items like a chair or towels, you can leverage your own weight to provide varying levels of resistance to hit virtually every muscle group.

Pushups and squats are the best-known weight-based workouts. However, they aren’t the only options. Read on to learn more about the other bodyweight techniques you can employ today…

Lower body

Lower body strength and endurance will help you build a solid foundation upon which you can build your physique.

If you’d like to tone and strengthen your inner thighs, simply try a half-bridge. Lay on your back, then push your pelvis toward the sky while keeping your shoulders on the ground. For an added challenge, squeeze a pillow between your legs.

For your quads and glutes, try deep lunges or squats in place. Make sure your knees always point directly over your toes (not to one side or another) to avoid injury. Many workout machines from commercial gym equipment suppliers, such as the Octane Zero Runner, are specially-made to reduce these types of knee injuries.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, consider variations such as walking lunges, pistol squats and switching up your stance.

Upper body

Simple yet highly effective, pushups can work your shoulders (delts), pectorals, triceps and more. Consider switching up style and positioning of your hands to increases or decrease resistance and isolate muscles. For example, keeping your arms tighter to your sides will place more resistance on your triceps, while a shoulder width stance hits pecs and delts and a wide stance placing more emphasis on your pecs.

For isolating your triceps even more, consider “dips” on a chair or other hard stable surface with a ledge. Place your legs out in front of you with both of your palms on the edge of a chair (for example), then slowly and lower and raise yourself in a “dipping” motion.

For biceps, consider using a towel or resistance band, placing it under your foot or other anchor point, and pulling up in a curling motion as you would with a free weight. Hold that concentration for at least 5 seconds then release.


Want a flatter stomach? Sit-ups and planks aren’t the only exercises to tone abs. For an alternate exercise, sit in a chair and lift your feet off the ground (high enough to feel your abs tighten). Hold this position, or raise and lower your feet for as many repetitions as you can handle.

Keep your at home fitness equipment goals in mind

Are you planning to purchase wholesale exercise equipment someday? If you’re hoping to purchase equipment to tone and strengthen specific muscle groups, build a home workout routine that emphasises those muscles. You’ll give yourself a fitness boost – and you’ll feel accomplished when you eventually use your new home workout machine.

Saving to buy a Horizon Adventure 5 Treadmill? Find a jogging trail near your home. Interested in the Matrix Rower Machine? Start each day with some upper-body weight lifting. Begin building muscles now, and you’ll feel more comfortable with your wholesale gym equipment when it arrives.

Find a buddy

One of the biggest challenges of equipment-free workouts is motivation.

When you purchase a workout machine from one of Jackson’s top commercial gym equipment suppliers, you give yourself a reason to work out. You paid for the machine – you should use it. Additionally, many machines can be used while watching your favorite TV show or catching up on the news. When you workout without equipment, multitasking like this can be more difficult.

Enlisting a workout buddy can provide the accountability and motivation necessary to stick to your workout. Look for one locally for best results. For example, working out with a friend in Jackson or the surrounding area can add ease and accountability to your workout without inconveniencing either of you.

Closing Thoughts

If you’d like to stay healthy, but don’t own any at home fitness equipment, don’t worry! It’s possible to workout from home without equipment. You’ll need a bit more creativity and planning, but with a workout buddy and solid routine, you’ll be building muscle in no time.

When you’re ready to buy your first home machine, talk with our experts at Fitness Expo. As one of Jackson’s best commercial gym equipment suppliers, we’ll be happy to help you pick out affordable and effective wholesale gym equipment.