How to Workout With Joint Pain

How to Workout With Joint Pain

Many people suffer with joint pain and discomfort. It might be caused by a bone disorder, carrying extra weight or aging. No matter what the reasons are for joint pain, it often holds people back from working out. This can make the problem worse as the right type of exercise can actually build muscle and help to relieve the chronic inflammation associated with joint pain. Discover a few simple ways to improve your health and workout with joint pain.

Discover Yoga

People with swollen joints often derive health benefits from doing yoga. There are exercise DVDs featuring yoga postures and often local community centers offer yoga classes. Gentle stretching and deep relaxation techniques are a combination that can minimize joint inflammation. Try basic yoga rather than more strenuous versions such as hot yoga and power yoga. Stress reduction is an added benefit of taking a few yoga classes as well as improved balance over time.

Go Swimming

The buoyancy of water makes it easier for people to move, which makes swimming an ideal exercise for people with joint pain. It is an excellent way to get aerobic activity without putting unnecessary stress on your joints. For those who might not have a swimming pool in their own backyards, there are often local community centers with swimming pools and designated town or village swimming pools. Some hotels also let people purchase a pool pass for the day so they can enjoy a day of swimming.

Take a Walk

As simple as it sounds, walking is an wonderful overall exercise. Even people with joint pain can fit walking into their daily routines. While it is ideal to walk for 30 minutes each day, doing it all at once can be too painful for some people. Break up walks into 10 minute segments during the day. For example, people can take a 10 minute walk after each meal. This will add up to 30 minutes. People should take it slow when they get started and wear a pedometer to gauge their progress over time. If you feel adventurous, walk on a local hiking trail. People can also walk through the neighborhood or at the neighborhood mall in inclement weather.

Exercise in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Sometimes it is a great effort to take a class, go for a walk or find a place to swimming. Fortunately, people with joint pain can workout in the comfort of their own homes. Cycling might be difficult on the road but it is a great option with an indoor recumbent bike such as the Precor RBK 615. People of all fitness levels can use these indoor cycles with ease. They provide an effective cardiovascular workout without the harsh impact on the joint. People with pain in their knees or hips often skip exercise, to the detriment of their overall well-being. Working out on a recumbent bike is an easy way get essential exercise, even for those with ongoing joint pain. The Precor RBK 615 has six pre-programmed workouts to help people get started.