A Low Impact Elliptical For a Great Workout

If you think that working out has to take a lot of time and leave you sore and exhausted, think again. With an elliptical from Fitness Expo you can get a great workout in less than thirty minutes a day without putting undue stress on your joints and muscles.

If you are bored with your workout routine, an elliptical is also a good option to add variety. They are great for athletes that want a quick effective way to stay in shape when they are not doing their sport of choice. Ellipticals can help prevent workout “burnout” because they are low impact. This means that you will be more likely to continue on your fitness journey because you will not feel as fatigued, sore, and stressed. This is critical for sticking to your commitment to better health.

Ellipticals can be pedaled in reverse as well so you can target your calf and hamstring muscles easier than with other fitness machines. Those that are short on time will be amazed at how many calories can be burned in just a short period of time.

If you suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis, and other joint related conditions, you might be cautious about using various fitness machines. With an elliptical, physical fitness is reality. Since it is such a very low impact workout, elliptical machines are the choice for you.

Elliptical machines are some of the most reliable fitness machines on the market today. They rarely need any maintenance or servicing. While some ellipticals are larger than others, all of them can be kept in a fairly small space. If you have a limited amount of room for a home gym, an elliptical is a great choice for the entire family to use.

Fitness Expo carries the latest Precor and Lateral X ellipticals for your home gym. The Lateral X is our latest model and features a greater range of motion for a more intense workout experience. Come in today at any of our locations throughout the greater Louisiana and Mississippi area and find out why an elliptical is the fitness machine for you.