How to Make the Most Out of Low Impact Exercise

How to Make the Most Out of Low Impact Exercise

There are many reasons why people turn to low impact exercise as a fitness solution. You might be a senior citizen, recovering from an injury or just plain out of shape. While low impact exercise does not feel the same as the grueling workouts you used to do, it still gives you a healthy and attractive body. You don’t need to have sore joints and be in serious pain to get the workout your body needs.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race
A low impact workout is steady and deliberate rather than fast-paced and hard. Your heart rate builds slowly, offering cardiovascular benefits without excessive strain. It is also easy on your joints so you don’t experience unnecessary stress. While it might feel different from high impact workouts, you are still getting maximum benefits over time.

Fit Regular Exercise into Your Schedule
Time is on your side when it comes to doing low impact exercise. Make sure to fit exercise into your daily schedule for a consistent approach to fitness. Your body will still reap the benefits of the exercise even if you only work out fifteen or twenty minutes a day. Over time, your workouts will become longer and even more beneficial. Keep working out at your own pace each day to build your body without hurting it.

Work Out At Home
Trying to get to the gym adds more anxiety to your workout routine. Weather and other outdoor conditions can make going for a daily walk a source of frustration as well. Working out at home is easy and convenient at any time of the day or evening. Low impact home workout solutions include adaptive motion training machines, such as the Precor AMT 835 adaptive trainer, elliptical machines like the Precor EFX 5.21, and rowing machines, like the LifeCore LCR 88.

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