Is the Precor EFX885 Elliptical a Good Choice?

Is the Precor EFX885 Elliptical a Good Choice?

If you have been looking in Baton Rouge for an elliptical machine for sale that will help you exercise more effectively,  the Precor EFX886 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer might be what you need. A well-designed cardio machine, it offers a variety of features to ensure it is as functional, effective, and easy to use, as much as possible. 

Elliptical Trainer Features

The Precor EFX885 Elliptical is made not only with physical fitness in mind but utility as well. It is most evident through its excellent tracking system designed by Precor Fitness. The tracking system helps monitor important details about your workout and fitness. 

The EFX885 stores and displays the following data for health and fitness monitoring: 


  • Total distance – track how long your full run will be
  • Distance remaining – know exactly how much longer until you reach your goal
  • Total calories burnedshow a numerical value behind the calories you’re melting away
  • Calories per minute – an instantaneous snapshot of the energy you’re putting into your workout
  • Calories per hour – monitor the consistency of your workouts
  • Time elapsed – keep on schedule or test yourself for endurance
  • Time remaining – know how much longer to push yourself
  • Time in heart rate zone – help meet your fitness goals with higher precision
  • Segment time – Set “laps” and monitor other trackable distances
  • Strides per minute – how fast are you really going
  • Average strides per minute – keep track of your average elliptical speed
  • Total strides – the number of steps you’ve taken during the entire workout
  • Heart rateshow if you’re working out at the right intensity
  • Average heart rate – know how your workout is pushing your body
  • Max heart rate – monitor just how hard you’ve worked out at your peak

Aside from these features, the Precor EFX885 is built with comfort in mind, which is apparent with the accessories holder. This secure storage place offers a clean and smart location to hold personal items, such as your water bottle, phone, books, or any other items you want to keep nearby during your workout.

An Elliptical Trainer for All

The Precor EFX885 has its biomechanics validated by Washington State University to meet the needs of various users. 

From women in the 5th percentile in size to men in the 95th percentile in size, the EFX885 is an excellent choice for the vast majority of those in the market for elliptical machines. 

This is also true no matter your fitness level or experience with working out. The EGX885 Elliptical is easy to use, effective for all fitness levels, and offers people a new and fun way to exercise. 

Along with all this, it has a converging adjustable crossramp, which combines reliability with the natural feeling of a converging stride path to give the user an absolutely perfect elliptical

It also comes with 20 different settings and a 10-35 degree ramp incline to simulate going uphill at different degrees. It lets users target different muscle groups and push harder than with basic elliptical machines. Thus, it makes the Precor EFX885 is ideal for nearly all ages, sizes, and lifestyles. 


Maintaining the EFX885 is also much easier compared to other gym equipment. It comes with an Active Status Light designed to alert users or staff with only a quick glance when the EFX885 needs maintenance or service. 

This helpful feature is great for those who might be forgetful or who operate large facilities where constant maintenance is required. 

This excellent elliptical machine is designed with the customer in mind, and it shows. Efficacy, ease of use, and comfort are rarely so in tune with each other as they are in the Precor EFX885.

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