Is Working Out in the Elliptical Machine Bad?

Is Working Out in the Elliptical Machine Bad?

The short answer is: it depends.

Working out depends on your level. If you’re a beginner, you need to start with basic exercises.

Listening to your body is important, too. You need to rest in between days to give your body the chance to heal.

Elliptical Trainers Can Provide Full Optimum Exercises

Whenever you go to a commercial fitness gym or your local health club, there is always that machine or corner that you are excited about.

Most likely, this is the machine that has become your favorite because it works well for you.

Somehow, this is proven by how some gym equipment are more in demand than others.

Now that even fitness enthusiasts are cautious in visiting commercial fitness gyms, a lot of people have been busy setting up their own home gym.

And chances are, the first thing that you want to buy is your go-to machine at your local gym.

One of the most popular and in demand gym equipment is the elliptical machine.

This is not surprising at all because cardio exercise is very popular to fitness enthusiasts.

One can even say that elliptical machines or trainers can compete with the popularity of treadmills. Is there any truth to this?

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Elliptical Benefits

Like the treadmill and weights, the elliptical machine can always be found in every fitness gym there is in the United States.

Some people even prefer using this over other cardio machines because of its incomparable benefits.

An elliptical is a stationary trainer machine for walking, running, and climbing.

But unlike the treadmill, the elliptical gives you an exercise without excessive pressure to your joints.

You can exercise even longer without worrying about some injuries.

How is this possible? This trainer was built in such a way that your feet remain on the pedal.

There is less-straining or impact to your body.

Here are more concrete benefits of elliptical trainers.

  1. Fast way of burning calories.
    Since the elliptical is a cardio machine, it can be your best to burn those calories and ultimately lose weight. This is perfect for the busy person who can’t find the time to jog outside or hike on a mountain. Likewise, if you will have it as a home equipment, you will be safe from contracting the coronavirus.
    A good 30 minutes of using the elliptical 3-5 times weekly can already give you your desired results if paired with a good diet.
  2. Your whole body is working out.
    A huge benefit or great advantage of this machine is how it targets multiple parts of your body. A typical cardio equipment would just develop the lower part of your body but the elliptical also targets your upper body. Your triceps, shoulders, chest, and whole upper body are also working out because you can make the most out of the elliptical handlebars.Meanwhile, for your lower body your glutes, hamstrings, and calves get the most benefit from using this equipment.
  3. Lesser strain to the joints.
    As mentioned above, a popular advantage of the elliptical over a treadmill is how it can be less straining to your body. Your feet will almost be just entirely on the pedal of this machine while you are using it. This is in contrast with your movement when you run or hike outside or when using a treadmill – your feet are being lifted up. These can be straining to your joints when done for a longer period. So it would be great to alternatively use the elliptical when you are too busy to workout outside.
  4. Multiple exercises in one go.
    Most gym equipment that are being developed nowadays are versatile. And of course, your elliptical trainer can perform just the same. The main cardio exercises that you can perform in this machine include walking, jogging, running, and climbing or hiking.
    You call do these exercises in one workout routine or set if you feel like you have the endurance to do so. You can always take some short breaks in between if needed.
  5. Easy to use and maintain.
    Anyone can use the elliptical after learning the manual or watching some vlogs on the internet. But you want to be really sure on how to properly use it, you may ask professional fitness trainers. After this, you can seamlessly use the machine already.
    In terms of maintenance, the only thing you have to do is clean the machine with a towel or cloth after every use.

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If you are yet to own and include an elliptical machine in your home gym, here are some great options for you.

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