Learn How to Stop Making Excuses and Finally Get Fit

Learn How to Stop Making Excuses and Finally Get Fit

Have you ever made excuses about working out or eating the right foods? You’re not alone. Many people make excuses until they are unable to fit into their clothes or even facing serious health issues. Excuses pave the road to fitness failure. Learn how to stop making excuses and finally get fit, once and for all.


Know the Familiar Excuses


In school, the dog ate my homework was one of the common excuses for not doing an assignment. Rarely did any educator believe this lame statement. Likewise, there is a myriad of poor excuses for skipping workouts or eating fatty foods. Working overtime, not having time to cook, celebrating the birthday of a distant cousin from afar – get to know the familiar excuses and avoid using them. There is always a way to make something positive happen, even on tough days and during a time when temptation lures you.


Find Ways to Address the Excuses


Once you know the usual excuses that hold you back, find viable ways to address them. For example, if you work overtime and miss the gym or your usual fitness class, you can workout at home. Invest in a home fitness machine that is always ready when you are. Even after a long day, you can sit down at the Octane xR6000 xRide recumbent elliptical to get a full body workout. You will burn calories, use your glutes and get notable results. If you have little time to cook, it’s not a reason to stop at a fast food restaurant for a 1,000 calorie meal. It takes only a few minutes to broil a piece of chicken, eat a can of tuna and nibble on raw vegetables with no-calorie dip. Make a salad with quinoa, vegetables and low-fat dressing to nosh on when you don’t have time to slave over the stove.


Procrastination is the Enemy


Once you become aware of the usual excuses and find ways to combat them, you may still hang on to negative habits that cause you to be sedentary and gain weight. Remember the old statement to not to put off until tomorrow what you should do today. Procrastination is the enemy. Even if you spend just 10 minutes working out and have a smaller portion for dinner, you are making progress. Focus on what you can do right now and not what you can’t do. Over time, good behavior becomes easier and ultimately turns into a habit rather than a task.


Forgive Yourself When Life Happens


There are times when life simply spirals out of control. Losing a job, facing an illness or getting into an accident are just a few examples. During these tough times, you may lose sight of eating right and staying fit. Forgives yourself and remember you can always get back to the right way of doing things. Jump onto the elliptical and learn to use exercise to reduce your stress. Regular exercise can help you sleep better, feel less anxious and even make wiser choices about food.