Life Fitness F1 Smart Treadmill: A Smart Run with the Best Fitness and Gym Equipment

For a mid-twenties guy who lived in a quiet local town, the technology today is admittedly surprising every time one would look. It’s as though the surge of advancement never ceases and that progression is undoubtedly inevitable. One would obviously admit that someone who relies on technology could never leave home without my laptop nor would someone dream of setting aside one’s cell-phone. The technology in the fitness and gym equipment industry has also advanced. From the endless hustle of the city and the multitasking attitude of the generation it just seems right that even exercise should be as advanced.

So for those techie people who prefer an in-home workout the Life Fitness F1 Smart Treadmill may be the one for you. It may undoubtedly be the fitness and gym equipment suited to your needs. One of the treadmill’s functions introduces a virtual trainer that creates workout. One could simply go to the virtual trainer website and which offers recommended programs and “buddies” for a support system to increase the odds of success.

After selecting the desired workout program one could simply transfer it through the USB hub on the treadmill. It also features easy to use navigation and ergonomically placed controls with seamless compatibility with your iPod. But for those who prefer a good read rather than the banging hard rock punk tunes there’s a featured reading rack to steadily hold your choice novel.

This fitness equipment provides a quick start function for fitness amateurs to immediately get that sweat pouring. Due to its patented FlexDeck Shock absorption System, this treadmill makes working out all the easier by reducing stress on your joints even with an incline of 0% to 12%. This feature undoubtedly cushions 30% of impact to ligaments on the lower half of your body. It’s namely the knees, ankles and thighs which remain intact even with the hardest of workouts. If you also have roommates or you simply don’t want to disturb your cousin taking a nap on the couch, this fitness equipment features a quiet motor system that allows a smooth and tranquil run.

There is also an energy saving system which lowers energy use by 90% whenever the unit is not in use. And for those mom’s that want to lose a little bit when there at home, this machine features a fold-up child safety lock for peace of mind to those rug-rat toddlers.

Humans might be evolving with the tendency to live in close relation to technology. From our coffee and to our GPS, we rely deeply on the helping hand that a microchip can offer. But even with that necessity, we can always give a little of our time to stay healthy. It’s with this technological advancement that we have actually attained an in-home, relaxing and safe method of doing so. The fitness and gym equipment today could never do you wrong and may even push you to an improved lifestyle.

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