Life Fitness T7-0 – Work Out in Comfort and Control

A key element to any workout is to be comfortable with your routine. Awkwardness in the placement of exercise equipment, or being forced to work out in a way you aren’t comfortable with, can lead to a less fulfilling and effective workout. The designers of the Life Fitness T7-0 treadmill took this philosophy on board when they designed this wonderful machine – it offers a precise workout that you can customize to your specific comfort standards.

The comfort starts with your user profile. Up to four people can create individualized profiles on the T7-0, and customize the machine to their own needs.

Each profile has access to seven pre-programmed but adjustable MyWorkout workouts, and allows for seven additional completely custom workouts. This gives each person a total of fourteen workouts to choose from once they’ve programmed them all. This makes it easy to build a two-week routine, doing a different workout every day.

Fitness Expo stores have staff that are highly trained in the use of treadmills like the T7-0, and they can show you how to set up your personal profile and customize your programs in just a few minutes.

The Life Fitness T7-0 is also an adaptable treadmill that can use a quick-remember system. If you hit the quick start button after selecting your profile, the T7-0 will remember if you prefer to warm up with a walk or a jog, along with your preferred incline. No fiddling around getting it just right every time – set it up once and it will start up the way you want each time.

Fitness Expo has stores in Jackson, Mississippi, and Louisiana stores in Kenner, Mandeville, Baton Rouge, Metairie, and Shreveport. If you’re near any of our locations, come in and we’ll help you understand how to set your quick start workout up just the way you like it.

Other features included for your comfort are ergonomic grips, the FlexShock absorption system to reduce running impact stress, and a built in reading rack so you can catch up on a good book during your warmups. However you look at it, the Life Fitness is an extremely comfortable treadmill to work out on.