Losing Belly Fat Fast With Louisiana Commercial Gym Equipment

Losing Belly Fat Fast With Louisiana Commercial Gym Equipment

One thing that we seem to frequently hear from gym owners and managers in Louisiana is that most of their clients are always looking for ways to lose belly fat using commercial-quality gym equipment. 

Those who need gym equipment for commercial use can go “evergreen” with certain types of machines – and that is the equipment that will help the m31ost number of gym-goers burn as much of their excess fat off as possible. 

Thankfully, there are a number of tried and tested gym equipment for commercial use. One thing you might notice here is that we’re not here to try to grift you into buying some trendy equipment that’s only going to get used for a few seasons. 

We’re here to help you and get your clients lose their belly fat. However, this doesn’t happen overnight. In other words, your clients will have to put in the effort to burn off that fat. 

Let’s get started with the commercial gym equipment that will help your clients achieve their fitness goals. 

Rowing Machines

Moreso than any other commercial gym equipment on this list, rowing machines offer users a full-body workout. Due to the motions involved, the user ends up strengthening their upper body, legs, abdominals, and more. 

When combined with an excellent cardiovascular workout that is rowing, these machines work wonders in helping users melt away belly fat. This all being the case, rowers can achieve numerous fitness goals with this one machine. 

Thanks to the way rowers work, these machines are perfect for those who are looking for a way to build real, usable strength without the bulk often associated with free weights and single-stations. 

Our Pick: WaterRower M1 Hirise Rowing Machine


It is no secret that many people who are fighting excess fat simply hate using treadmills. The problem with that hatred, though, is these are the exact people who would benefit most from using a commercial-quality treadmill. 

Most people believe they have to get on a treadmill and run miles to get the results they’re looking for. 

However, the best way to burn that belly fat with a treadmill is to walk at a moderate pace for a longer amount of time. 

They don’t need to jump on one of these pieces of commercial-quality gym equipment and sprint until they can’t breathe – instead, burning fat on a treadmill requires more time spent keeping the heart rate at a level that’s only a little above the normal rate. 

Our Pick: BH Fitness LK700TI Treadmill

Elliptical Machines

Like the rowing machines discussed above, elliptical machines help users work out both their lower and upper bodies. The difference is that ellipticals don’t offer nearly the same level of strength training as rowers. 

However, where the strength-building aspects fall away, ellipticals offer a much more comprehensive aerobic and cardio-based workout. While the overall effectiveness of rowing machines is higher, ellipticals give users a way to specifically burn fat and build endurance in all parts of their bodies. Likewise, since commercial-quality elliptical trainers are more or less impact-free, many gym-goers prefer these over treadmills as well. 

Our Pick: Octane XT3700 Elliptical


For a truly intense fat-burning commercial quality gym equipment experience, you just can’t go wrong with a climber. Since users have to work against their own body weight to keep moving in an upward motion, those with excess body fat have to work that much harder, which, in turn, means that body fat will burn that much faster.

Still, it should be noted that those who might need a little extra help in the body weight department may need to build up to climbers, where treadmills and ellipticals offer a range of motion that most people are already fairly accustomed to. 

Nevertheless, those who can spend more than a few moments on a climber can work wonders burning away that belly fat they are so ready to be free from. 

Our Pick: Precor CLM835 Climber

Now lose belly fat with the right commercial gym equipment. Get it here at Fitness Expo here in Lousiana.