Make Your Workout More Effective with Proper Use of a Life Fitness Elliptical

Make Your Workout More Effective with Proper Use of a Life Fitness Elliptical

Those looking to buy a Life Fitness elliptical machine in Shreveport may be wary about doing so simply because they’re not absolutely sure about how to use them. Likewise, there’s a good chance that people who already have one or use one at the gym aren’t correctly positioning their bodies in a way to get the most of their workouts.

When it comes to working out, it’s fairly common knowledge that having the right posture while exercising is not only important but that doing so will make whatever workout routine more effective.

Coaches and fitness trainers across the globe have been saying so for decades, and there is a reason for that: It is absolutely true. But while most of us have heard the tenets time and again associated with exercises like running, bench presses, push ups, sit ups, and pull ups, rowing machines, there hasn’t been much discussion about the proper use of Life Fitness elliptical machines. This is likely due to the fact that ellipticals didn’t enter the market until the 1990s and there really hasn’t been enough time, for instance, for people to learn how to use a life fitness elliptical in Shreveport.

It’s also probably due to how easy Life Fitness ellipticals are to just get on and go. However, jumping on the machine and making it move doesn’t necessarily mean you will be getting the best workout right away.

Today, we will be addressing that potential shortcoming and discussing how to best use one for those looking to buy an elliptical machine from Life Fitness at Fitness Expo.

How to Use a Life Fitness Elliptical Machine for Maximum Benefit

Like with all those other exercises we all know are helped made more effective with proper form, those looking to buy a Life Fitness elliptical machine will see better results once they learn how to use one the right way.

For the instructions detailed below, we referenced the user guide for the Life Fitness X1 Elliptical Cross Trainer, one of the more popular ellipticals on the market. Still, the positioning discussed here is applicable to all of the brand’s machines, including the incredible Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Elliptical Cross Trainer since we are discussing body positioning here rather than electronics functionality and specific features.

Forward Motion on a Life Fitness Elliptical

Forward Motion on an elliptical machine is what most people would refer to as the machine’s normal operation. When using this method with recommended positioning, you will receive a total body workout.

Proper forward motion use on an elliptical machine will help lower your chances of injury. Likewise, the machine will not receive undue stress at its joints, which will mean your elliptical should reasonably be expected to last much longer without maintenance or servicing.

First things first, when you step onto the life fitness elliptical machine, face forward on it. Once standing on the pedals, position your hands on the handles so when the bars are nearest to you, your elbows make a 90-degree angle.

On the console, no matter which Life Fitness elliptical machine you’re using, choose the workout profile that you would like to use for the workout. Once you select a workout profile and duration, start moving your feet forward, with the top foot pushing forward and the bottom foot pulling backward.

This motion should be smooth and will feel like a combination of jogging and riding a bike.

Backward Motion on a Life Fitness Elliptical

Those looking to buy a Life Fitness elliptical machine may be happy to hear that they have more than one way to operate them than just forward motion. The backward or reverse motion will also exercise your full body. Like forward, however, proper use is very important.

Regardless of it being called “Reverse motion,” you will still mount the machine facing forward, and your arms should be positioned as described in forwarding Motion – elbows at an angle when the handlebars are closest to you.

Select the workout profile and workout length on the machine’s console, then move your feet in the opposite direction from that detailed in the forward motion section. This time, your top foot will pull backward while your bottom foot will push forward.

Life Fitness Elliptical Correct Body Positioning

No matter which direction you choose to move on the elliptical, the following body positioning guidelines are applicable:

  • Place feet on pedals so they face forward
  • Keep knees moving on a forward plane (as opposed to bent in or out)
  • Do not rotate hips outward
  • Do not lift feet from pedals during use
  • Heels can lift slightly if you prefer
  • DO NOT LOCK YOUR KNEES! Keep them slightly bent during use

Fitness Expo Stores offers a variety of machines for those in Shreveport looking to buy a Life Fitness elliptical machine.

Whether looking for one of the most advanced ellipticals on the market or you’re just starting out with elliptical machines, we have one in stock that will be perfect for your fitness needs and goals.