Making the Most Out of Your Work Out: Circuit Training with Cybex Fitness Equipment

Making the Most Out of Your Work Out: Circuit Training with Cybex Fitness Equipment

Circuit training is the type of work-out regimen for individuals who want an exciting full body work-out program in a shorter period of time. This type of training has efficiently brought together cardiovascular training and resistance training. Circuit training can best be done using Cybex Fitness Equipment.

A “circuit” is composed of six to ten different exercises, which are quite simple but are very effective in targeting specific body parts or muscle groups. The exercises in the circuit have to be performed one after another in a particular order for a specific number of repetitions or for an exact length of time, say 12- 20 repetitions or an exercise period of 30 seconds per exercise station, with short rest periods in between each station. Circuit training can help develop and enhance strength, fortitude, and speed. This training can benefit just about anyone, whether individuals who are new to the world of fitness or even seasoned sports players.

If you are thinking about switching to circuit training using Cybex fitness equipment, here is what you should do.

  1. Before you exercise, make sure that you are wearing appropriate fitness clothes and shoes. Gym clothes need not be very expensive. However, the clothes should be comfortable, absorbent, and roomy enough to allow freedom of movement, mainly because you would be going from one machine to another, but not that loose that the clothes could get caught into exercise machines. Gym shoes should provide good support to the feet and the ankles so as to avoid leg injuries.
  1. Study the available exercise equipment. Take note of what body part or what muscle group each machine is intended for. Cybex fitness equipment for circuit training could be composed of several separate pieces of exercise machine or of multifunctional circuit training machines.
  1. If you are not familiar with any of the equipment, do not hesitate to ask fitness experts or the gym trainers how to use the equipment. Cybex fitness equipment are generally very safe. Nevertheless, utmost care must be taken when using the machines.
  1. Take notice of how the equipment are positioned. Circuit training exercise machines are usually placed in such a way that the users could train the body parts in this sequence:  whole body, upper part of the body, lower part of the body, core & trunk, and then back to whole body and so on and so forth. Moreover, the equipment are often arranged in a circle so the individuals using them can easily move from one machine to another. However, you can always opt not to follow the pre-arranged set-up especially if you are pressed for time. You and your trainer can formulate a different exercise plan such as training the upper and lower part of the body on day A and training the core and the whole body on day B.
  1. One piece of paper, write down what exercises you will be performing and what machines you would be using. Include the number of repetitions or the duration of the work out in each station. Do not forget to include a brief rest period after every circuit and a warm up session and a cool down session in your exercise program. This will be your guide when you exercise.

You are now ready for circuit training. Hop on your first machine, move to a fast upbeat music, and enjoy!

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