Marathon Training in Your Home

Marathon Training in Your Home

Are you a veteran marathoner? Or are you training for your first 5K? No matter what your skill and fitness level are, Fitness Expo has a unique team of highly trained fitness experts to help you find cardio equipment to meet your goals.

If you have never trained for a marathon before, or plan to begin a fitness regimen that involves a cardio routine, you will want to consult your doctor to ensure you maintain a healthy level of fitness and do not overexert yourself.

Training for a marathon, or a race of any kind, is no small feat, and it can be accomplished in any number of ways: running outdoors, weather permitting, and using a machine indoors to maximize your training. No matter what your skill level, it still involves a level of gradual conditioning. One great benefit to running indoors and using a treadmill is that you can set your course and forget about it; you let the treadmill do the work for you. You can also set your course time for longer than you would normally finish a race to help with your overall conditioning and race completion time.

For a lower impact, but just as effective cardio training workout, an elliptical works in a similar fashion. It allows you to set your course so that you can adjust varying difficulties, speeds, and strides that would match any outdoor marathon or race course. With a lower impact machine, you take some pressure off your joints while still conditioning your body for the distance and speed as you would for your race.

With a machine indoors, you have the opportunity to not only create your training regimen and work on your conditioning, but you will also be able to work out whenever you want, as opposed to being a slave to the gym’s hours or being at the mercy of the local weather.

Building up your conditioning takes time, so it is best to plan in advance and look for local races that would meet your current skill level. March seems to be the month of the marathon, so speak with our fitness experts about what you want to achieve for your race as well as what your other fitness goals are. They have a unique wealth of knowledge of all Fitness Expo products and can help you find the perfect equipment for any of your needs. Precor is a brand that is built to last, so you can be sure you are getting the very best machines from the very best experts.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what your skill level is. You can get fit, stay healthy, and even train for a race in the comfort of your home with dedication and the right equipment.