Mastering the Stairmaster

Mastering the Stairmaster

The StairMaster is a fantastic stair stepper exercise equipment to incorporate into your regular fitness regimen here in Shreveport. It provides a cardiovascular workout, while also helping to tone and strengthen your thighs, glutes, and calves. And while the StairMaster isn’t a difficult machine to get started on, there are a few key things you can do to maximize your results and get the workout you desire.

Get The Results That You Want

Mastering the StairMaster isn’t difficult. However, it’s going to take discipline and determination on your end to achieve the results that you want.

Keep your back straight

The key with using this machine is to put tension on your glutes and hamstrings, not your back. One way to ensure that you aren’t straining your back is to slow down and focus on having proper posture. If you’re hunched over on the machine, which can be easy to slip into unknowingly, you’re putting a strain on your back. It’s fine to lean slightly forward at the hips, but make sure that your spine remains in a straight line. A slight bend forward, while keeping your back straight will help to keep the glutes engaged.

Take two steps at a time


All machines require a period of time to become fully acclimated to them. Once you feel comfortable with the basic use of the equipment, you can take your workout to the next level by taking two steps at a time, instead of one. Taking larger steps will allow you to strategically target the glutes and hamstring, where a large mass of muscle is found. You will burn more calories by getting more muscles actively involved. Remember to start slowly, at a lower speed to make sure you are able to keep your balance.

Keep your workout fun and interesting with a feature that allows you to climb well-known landmarks around the world with the StairMaster 8 Gauntlet. This is a popular stair stepper exercise equipment here in Shreveport.

Stairmaster 8 Gauntlet - Shreveport exercise equipment - Fitness Expo


Turn around

An even more advanced method is to turn around and climb the stairs backward. You’ll want to try this to really work and tone your quads. One mistake that people often make on the StairMaster is that they only use it to move in a forward motion. This can cause an imbalance in muscle tone and strength, leaving the front half of your legs weaker than the back. In addition, you can also try turning your body to the right or to the left as you continue to climb the steps. This position will work your smaller, stabilizer muscles. Utilize the handrails throughout your workout to help keep your balance.

Grab your dumbbells

Once you’re feeling comfortable and steady on this machine, grab a pair of dumbbells the next time you climb on. Each time you step up, you can add a bicep curl, lateral raise or overhead press to get your upper body in on the action. Adding variety to your workout in this way helps to keep you from plateauing. It will also help your heart rate to remain elevated as you exercise.
Interval training

Did you know that a StairMaster provides you with the opportunity to do interval training, much like a treadmill does? Following a 5 to 10 minute warm up, you can begin 10 to 15 minutes of interval training. It’s best to have a 1:1 ratio of intensity to recovery. For example, for every 1 minute of high-intensity training, you can allow yourself 1 minute of recovery. Always end your session with a cool down to prevent cramps or injury.
The StairMaster 8 Freeclimber has a great selection of High Intensity Interval Training workouts along with other Shreveport exercise fitness equipment.

Monitor Your Heart Rate

Track your heart rate to learn how your body is responding to the addition of the StairMaster to your exercise routine. You can do so by utilizing the display on the machine or with a separate piece of equipment, such as a fitness watch. How long does it take for your heartbeat to lower back down to resting rate? As your fitness level increases, it will take less and less time for you to recover.

Benefits of using a StairMaster

  • They provide a low-impact workout, unlike running or jogging which can strain your joints. Low-impact exercise is especially beneficial for those who exercise more frequently and for those with knee and hip issues.
  • They are easy to use; they don’t require any advanced training or special skills prior to getting started.
  • They offer great variety: most step machines these days come with multiple pre-programmed settings, which empower you to take ownership of your workout. The digital display helps you to keep track of your speed, heart rate, calories burned and distance traveled.
  • In addition to having a strong and toned lower body, you will also see improvements in your cardiovascular health.

Closing Thoughts

The StairMaster is a perfect machine to tone and strengthen up your lower body, allowing you to incorporate a wide variety of routines and advanced maneuvers to maximize impact in a short period of time. If you’ve been thinking about adding a StairMaster to your commercial or home gym but aren’t sure where to start, give us a call or drop us a line today here at Fitness Expo. We’d love to help walk you through the ins and outs.