Misconceptions About Buying Exercise Equipment

Misconceptions About Buying Exercise Equipment

While owning exercise equipment can be empowering for some, purchasing it is often an intimidating process. Dozens of machines exist to handle virtually every fitness goal imaginable.

Common Misconceptions When Purchasing an Exercise Machine

Brands compete on quality, features and price, with new makes and models hitting the market each and every year, each touting the latest and greatest in exercise technology and performance.

So what do you choose? Should you buy exercise equipment at all? And if so, what’s the best way to go about it?

Exercise equipment can make reaching your fitness goals easier and more convenient: you don’t have to drive to the gym to workout, you don’t need a large block of time set aside to invest in your fitness, and you don’t need a large investment to start.

Unfortunately, a number of myths stop ambitious fitness enthusiasts from investing in a home gym. Can you relate to any of these myths? In this article, we’ll explain why each misconception is false and how home exercise equipment helps individuals reach their fitness goals.

Home Fitness Equipment is Too Expensive

While exercise equipment can be pricey, it’s not as expensive as many individuals have been led to believe.

For example, a once-a-week spin class can cost around $60 per month or $720 per year. A home spin bike, like the Horizon M-4 Indoor Cycle Trainer, costs less than a year of spin classes and can literally last a lifetime. Once you have your own spin bike, you can use it every day (or every other day, or as frequently as you would like).

Joining a gym is just as pricey as purchasing exercise equipment. The difference is in the ease of use – home fitness equipment is more convenient, requires less time, and involves less anxiety and judgment than a gym.

I Don’t Have Enough Space to Buy Gym Equipment

This is another common hesitation among our Baton Rouge customers regarding fitness and exercise equipment. Because many popular machines require extra space, some people believe they need an entire area dedicated to workout equipment.

Don’t buy into this myth. Instead, simply stop by our Fitness Expo store to see our space-saving gym equipment in Baton Rouge LA. We know you need equipment that provides a combination of effectiveness and space efficiency, and that’s why we sell high-quality space-saving home fitness equipment in Baton Rouge.

For example, our popular Torque 9 Fold Away Strength Trainer offers toning and bulk exercises for several upper-body muscle groups. It folds away conveniently to a slim cabinet-like profile, allowing you to use it in common areas like the bedroom and basement.

It’ll Just Collect Dust and go Unused

When you start a new fitness routine, eventually, you’ll want to go back to your old routine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using brand-new equipment or running a new route in your neighborhood. The important question is: Will you stay dedicated to your health and keep working out regularly anyway?

With home workout equipment, you can take 10 or 20 minutes each day to work out even when you’re busy or don’t feel like it. It’s easy to get back into your fitness routine even after a couple of “cheat days.” Restarting a fitness program with home exercise equipment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is easier than restarting a fitness program at a gym.

Don’t worry about not using your machines – instead, plan how you will use them to build toward your goals.

I’ll Miss Working out with Friends

Who says your friends can’t work out with you from home?

You don’t have to buy two treadmills or two weights machines; instead, buy two different machines (like one weights machine and one cardio machine) and invite your friends to your home to work out.

Working out with friends at home has significant advantages: increased privacy for conversations, freedom to select the music or TV show during your workout, no need to wait for busy machines, and convenient after-workout snacks available in your kitchen.

Our professional fitness equipment managers know that accountability can be key in a successful workout. If you’re interested in building a friend-oriented home gym, stop by our Baton Rouge fitness and exercise equipment store and talk with us today.

I Don’t Know what Professional Fitness Equipment is Right for me, so I’m Better off Not buying any…

Building a home gym from scratch can be intimidating. That’s why our home fitness equipment specialists in Baton Rouge have been trained to help individuals select workout equipment that provides a solid foundation from which to create a home fitness center.

What are your fitness goals? Are you interested in training for certain events, like a marathon or a challenging hike? Do you want to bulk up overall? Are you interested in reaching a specific goal in pounds-benched?

Begin by choosing the category of machine that is most aligned with your goals. Then, find a few machines that work your weaker and stronger muscles together for maximum effectiveness. If you have more questions, come see our specialists in Baton Rouge about their professional recommendations for home fitness equipment.

Interested in Home Fitness Equipment in Baton Rouge?
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At Fitness Expo, we’re committed to helping our consumers find the best machines for their fitness and lifestyle needs. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly machine, some space-saving exercise equipment, or the beginnings of a home gym, we can help you find what you need.

Home gym equipment can empower you to take control of your fitness journey and end up saving you big in the long run. Our vast line of makes, models, and prices ensure that there is something for everyone.

Stop by our store or showroom today and let us help you start that journey with the best equipment for you.