Mistakes To Avoid Before, During, And After Exercise

Exercising your body the right way can be fun and highly beneficial. But this is only true if you do it the right way. If improperly done, exercising can lead to injuries and other unwanted results.

Luckily, you can avoid going about exercising the wrong way as long as you make sure to avoid these following mistakes before, during, and after your next exercise regimen.

Before Exercise

Before starting any exercise, you need to make sure certain things are in place before starting. Avoid making the following mistakes that can stop you from getting the right results from your regimen.

Dressing improperly

Not wearing the right clothing for an exercise session can cause a lot of discomfort which will only get worse and interfere with your work out. Be sure to wear clothing that’s made of fabric that breathes. This is because your body generates a lot of heat while you exercise and it can be detrimental if your clothing is retaining heat. Cotton is always a good option.

Also be sure to avoid clothing that restricts your body movement and is too tight or uncomfortable. Stretchy clothes or spandex are the most appropriate as it allows you to be as nimble as you need to be and doesn’t chafe.

Not stretching

Not stretching before working out can be potentially dangerous. This is because your muscles and joints when not properly loosened up and suddenly subjected to sudden stress or strain can lead to cramps, muscle tears, and other injuries. Avoid this by doing appropriate stretches that will loosen you up and prepare your body for the workout that is to come.

Not knowing what you are capable of

A lot of people walk into a gym without knowing what their limits are, or if there’s a health condition they risk exacerbating with a particular workout. For example, a person with a heart condition or asthma puts his/herself in serious danger when they participate in exercises that stress their condition.

Not cleaning equipment before use

It should come as no surprise that there are all sorts of potentially dangerous microbes floating around a gym and especially around equipment. Many people make the mistake of passing and receiving germs because they fail to clean equipment before and after use. Protect yourself by wiping down equipment before using it. Especially if the equipment is a type for full body workouts, such as the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym or the Inspire Fitness M1 Multi Gym

Another danger of not cleaning equipment before use is slipperiness. Equipment that’s sleek with another user’s body fluids is bound to be slippery and can lead to accidents if not properly cleaned.

During Exercise

Mistakes to avoid during exercise are also important and include the following that should be avoided

Not using right equipment

For example, if using a Power Block Set, be sure it’s on a weight setting that you can handle. Avoid using equipment that is beyond your capability. Using the wrong equipment puts your body under unnecessary strain and can lead to injuries.

Not resting in between

Going by the motto “no pain no gain” is often abused and is a mistake that can cause injuries that will put you off your feet for days. While exercising, take breaks in between so your body can recuperate as necessary. This is why exercises are usually done in sets. Pushing yourself too hard can end up causing more harm than good to your health. As part of your rest, be sure to keep your body hydrated throughout your workout.

Not using right posture

Using the wrong posture to exercise can lead to you not getting the desired results from your workout, or to your body not being evenly exercised. Your body not being evenly exercised places more strain on one part and thus makes it more vulnerable to injuries.

After Exercise

If you’ve avoided all the above mistakes during your workout then congratulations. But have you also avoided this important post-workout mistake.

Not showering

While working out, your body generates a load of sweat and turns corners of your body into a breeding ground for microbes. To stay healthy, you need to take a shower soon after your workout to rid yourself of sweat, body oils, and odour. A fit body that is unclean is still an unhealthy body. Also be sure to change out of your sweaty clothes – especially underwear.

By avoiding the above mistakes, you stand to gain all the rewards of exercising and less of the discomfort.