Most Popular Portable Gym Accessories

Most Popular Portable Gym Accessories

Busy people who need to squeeze their fitness workouts in their schedule often purchase compact gym accessories to save time and effort normally spent on going to gyms or setting up equipment. Across the United States, sporting goods stores and fitness facilities offer a myriad of portable exercise devices. In Louisiana cities like New Orleans and Shreveport , for instance, are abundant with fitness centers and stores where these products may be available.


1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are arguably the most popular device that comes to mind when it comes to gym accessories. Available in different shapes, materials and weights, small dumbbells may be stored in drawers at the office or kept in the car. People with desk jobs that require sitting in front of the computer for long hours can do exercises in the comfort of their workstations, flexing the upper and lower arms or doing routines that target the chest. Aside from toning the muscles, dumbbell workouts can reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, a common ailment among office-based employees. At home, users can take this fitness accessory to any room in the household where they feel most comfortable working out.


2. Ankle and Wrist Weights

When used correctly, ankle and wrist weights can help shed off pounds or strengthen muscles. These gym accessories weights encased in a certain type of fabric or clothing, strapped around the wrists or ankles when walking, running, or even swimming with Velcro like a relatively loose girdle. They may be filled with iron powder, fine lead, sand or water. They can firm up the buttocks or the upper arms, particularly the triceps, and the hamstrings. Exercise routines involving wrist and ankle weights include arm swings and circles, and scooping high kicks. Trainers and other experts, however, warn that these devices should not be used by overweight people or people with back problems to prevent muscle and bone injuries.


3. Hand Grips

Grip strength is important for professional bodybuilders but it can also benefit regular exercisers. Regardless of the user, hand gripping devices can help strengthen resistance to maximize the function of the fingers, hands and forearms. The resistance is provided by the spring at the apex of the device, but the grips themselves also have weights, available in different varieties, to add challenge to the workout. Like small dumbbells, power hand grips can also be used in the office in between typing activities. Some people even find these gym accessories a useful stress reliever similar to stress balls.


4. Resistance Cables and Jump Ropes

Jump ropes don’t need springs or weights to help stave off excess pounds, so they are a conveniently light option when it comes to packing gym accessories for mobility and travel. Moreover, the use of jump ropes doesn’t require advanced skills or complicated routines. They are also very cheap compared to other fitness equipment. Another inexpensive and option is the resistance band, which can be used when sitting down. Unlike jump ropes, resistance bands provide tension and can be utilized for routines involving different directions.


5. Fitness Balls

Although not as compact as the aforementioned gym accessories, fitness balls are deflatable and light enough to be taken from one location to the next. Used in physical therapy as well as fitness training, fitness balls are used in place of chairs on the belief that they stimulate the back and abdominal muscles to remain active, maintaining balance and posture. A common exercise done over a fitness ball is the abdominal curls, a form of sit-ups.

A good thing about these accessories is that they can be used individually or in combination with each other. Another is that they don’t take up a lot of space, so those looking to set up a small fitness area can just collect portable gym accessories. These apparatuses can be checked out at Fitness Expo, which has several stores in Louisiana.


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