Pacemaster – A Gym Grade Home Treadmill

While the most important part of any workout is the person doing it, high quality equipment can help dedicated trainers achieve outstanding results. Gym-grade equipment is not just for big name gyms, but can be had in home units at an affordable price. One such gym quality unit is the Pacemaster treadmill, an outstanding, smart-thinking machine that can match its performance to your fitness needs at any level.

Fitness Expo stores in Jackson, Mississippi, and the cities of Shreveport, Mandeville, Metairie, Kenner and Baton Rouge in Louisiana, have Pacemaster treadmills for sale, and have knowledgeable staff who can help you understand all the incredible benefits of this unique, powerful machine.

When we say the Pacemaster helps at every level, we mean it. The Pacemaster doesn’t just display information about your workout – it compares your performance to existing standards and to your previous workout history. Every time you run, you can see your performance compared to the last occasions you worked out, allowing you to easily chart your progress as you get in shape and lose weight.

As a further point, you can set goals for yourself with the Pacemaster. You can set a calorie burning goal, a distance setup, or an Aerobic performance metric. Choose the goal you want to meet, and Pacemaster will help you monitor your progress on the way to the finish line.

This treadmill is also very adaptable. You can set the intensity of your warm up and cool down routines, making sure you are exercising safely. If a workout isn’t challenging you, or if you’re pushing too hard and need to tone it back, you can adjust the intensity of your routine mid-workout and bring things to a level that coincides with your needs.

Short of having a personal trainer working out with you, the Pacemaster is the best way to get a home workout that provides excellent, quality feedback you can use. You’re in complete control of the workout, an experience most people only find in the gym. If you want a gym-grade machine in your home, look no further than the Pacemaster and its many advantages.