Precor 931 – Versatile Workouts Need Versatile Tools

One of the most important parts of any workout is versatility. Even a runner who runs the same route every day for years experiences changes. Maybe part of the route is washed out. Maybe their stride length changes over time. Or perhaps they want to run it fast and hard one day, but take it easy the next for variety. So why should a treadmill owner miss out on the chance to adapt their workout?

The Precor 931 is an outstanding gym-quality treadmill that offers home-exercise users a chance to get the adaptable, versatile workout they need. Stores in Shreveport, Metairie, Baton Rouge, Kenner and Mandeville, as well as the store in Jackson, Mississippi, can showcase the many ways that this excellent treadmill can help you change your workout.

First of all, this treadmill can adapt itself to your needs mid-workout. The innovative design adjusts the speed of the belt based on the length of your stride. It can accommodate a fast, short-stride run, or a steady long-striding power walk. Moreover, it can change on a moment’s notice – change your stride length, and the belt adapts without any added input.

Further versatility comes in the form of 8 pre-programmed exercise routines that you can use to vary your exercise goals. If you’re pressed for time, use the heart rate challenge or the one mile run to get in a quick workout. For when you have more time, try the 5k or 10k routines to get a good, long-distance exercise routine under your belt.

If you’re concerned with heart health, the 931 is compatible with most wireless heart rate monitors on the market. Synch yours up with the machine and you get precise feedback about your heart rate for the entire workout, letting you keep track of the progress you’re making as you set and achieve your fitness goals.

The friendly staff at Fitness Expo can show you all of these features as well as other benefits to the Precor 931, making it an excellent choice to stop by and see if this is the right machine for your fitness and weight loss needs.