The Precor EFX Elliptical Series Helps You Tone Muscles and Build Endurance

The Precor EFX Elliptical Series Helps You Tone Muscles and Build Endurance

Precor has long been considered one of the most recognizable and trusted names in the elliptical machine market. Their products are high-quality and have tons of features that help owners to both tone muscles and build endurance. The machines in their EFX series include both home and professional-grade equipment. They are all capable of a number of adjustments and customizations to ensure that you receive a workout geared specifically towards your goals.

Basic Features:
One of the first things you will notice about any of the ellipticals within the Precor EFX series is how stable they are. Unlike other machines, there is no need to worry about balancing yourself. Everything in the EFX line is built to remain firmly planted on the ground, providing users with excellent support. While each specific machine will differ, most of the models within this series may have their cross-ramp angle adjusted anywhere from 15 to 40 degrees. What this means to you are a number of different positions and angles can be used to attack and target specific muscle groups.

With some machines, the handle bars are capable of being adjusted. Those which allow for movement are great options for total body workouts (including endurance and muscle toning workouts). Others with fixed handle bars are excellent for lower body workouts.

Additional Customization:
The EFX series also features a number of customization options. There are up to 10 different workout programs already built-in. Combined with up to 20 different resistance levels and wireless heart rate monitors, it is easy to see how these ellipticals can keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals. There is also an advanced LCD display, workout tracking, and even the ability to store custom profile data and information (many of the machines allow for multiple profiles).

Choosing a piece of fitness equipment is a very personal decision. All of our equipment is extremely high-quality and we offer personalized advice from well-trained fitness equipment specialists. Visiting one of our convenient locations will allow you to ask questions and have personal demonstrations to see first hand how everything works. We have six locations to choose from, including:

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