Professional Functional Strength Training at Home with Precor’s FTS Glide

Precor has designed the FTS Glide strength training unit to conform to professional standards of performance while putting it all into a package that is compact enough to fit comfortably into a home gym. The FTS Glide is made to closely mirror human movement to provide a natural and dynamic fluid motion that provides an invigorating workout without placing undue stress on your muscles or joints. This machine provides a great resistance based workout that will increase your core strength, improve your balance and stability and develop your coordination.

The Precor FTS Glide is a weight training station that has been designed for simplicity of use with fully adjustable weight increments and multiple pulley positions, allowing up to 33 different starting positions to make it suitable for everyone from beginners to the most experienced users without the worry of accidentally overextending yourself. In addition, the weight stacks are entirely shrouded to protect all of their moving parts and give the FTS Glide durable performance. The pulley can be quickly adjusted with one hand to reduce the amount of time that you spend setting the machine up for your favorite routines. The dual weight stacks supply a broader range of exercise options than many machines that allow users to focus on more than one muscle or joint for a true isolateral resistance training workout.

The experienced staff at all eight of the Fitness Expo showrooms can show you over the FTS Glide and explain how to set it up to meet your individual exercise requirements. Our showroom staff can show you how the flexibility of the FTS Glide allows you to define your own motion paths. Along with the fantastic functionality of the FTS Glide, the durable powder coated construction will look great in any workout room while the compact 53 by 48 inch footprint and the low height of only 85 inches will make it a perfect fit for most domestic users. Each weight stack has 200 lbs. and the unit includes an instructional placard to show you all of the different exercise options that are available so that you will be able to easily create your own routines to match your exercise objectives.