Quality Equipment for a Quality Workout

Quality Equipment for a Quality Workout

Have you ever wondered if you have the right equipment, the right information and techniques, or if you’re “doing it right”? Fitness Expo Stores have a quality staff of professional fitness experts who are highly trained to help you pick the right equipment for you to maximize your very best workout. You don’t want to have just anything; you want the best quality machine that will fit your needs.

In the never ending debate about the treadmill versus the elliptical, you have your pick of machines, and the only thing that matters is the quality of the machine and what works best for you and your workout. Our fitness experts can give you the pros and cons, give demonstrations, and help you pick the very best equipment that will fit perfectly in your life.

High impact or low impact, walking or running, sitting or standing, there is a long list of options you can customize to fit your needs with each different machine. Among the choices you have, there are many different ellipticals, seated ellipticals and treadmills, all of the very best quality that you would find in any professional gym, spa or country club. You can burn calories, get in shape, or train for a marathon all with the highest quality, most versatile equipment available.

The elliptical provides you with a decent cardio workout by allowing you to be constantly “running” in place, but without the stress of carrying your own body weight or running on pavement. Each machine allows you to choose the length of your stride, the intensity of your running, or set a time limit for your workout.

A seated elliptical is similar in style to an elliptical and a stationary bike, but is a different kind of challenge. Because you are seated, it combines the motions of running, climbing and riding a bike all in one machine. If you have difficulty working up while standing or are injured or disabled, a seated elliptical can open up a world of cardio exercises to help you keep in shape, and stay healthy and active.

The treadmill has been around for years, and it is well established as a cardio staple. The treadmill is extremely versatile and will allow you to do anything from take a casual stroll to train for a marathon on one machine. You can change the intensity of your workout, increase your speed or incline and set a workout that can switch easily from walking to running and back again without stopping your workout.

Fitness Expo carries a wide range of different machines from something basic to one with all the bells and whistles, but each is the highest quality we have available. We carry Precor, which is built to last. And you can find in most professional gym and fitness settings, and our fitness experts are well versed in each machine. Whatever your goals are, our fitness experts are here to match you with the equipment that works best for your needs. You won’t find a high quality machine paired with the most knowledgeable sales staff anywhere but here.