Questions you Must Ask Yourself Before Joining a Gym

Questions you Must Ask Yourself Before Joining a Gym

Jumping Into the Hassle-Free Gym Life

The seasons are changing in Jackson, MS, and like many residents, you’re likely looking to move your workout indoors.

If that’s the case, you have a few options: dust off the old home gym exercise equipment, invest in new workout equipment for home, or sign up at your local gym.

Joining a gym can be a great way to stay in shape during the colder months (or even the hotter ones). You can get out of the house for a little bit, use someone else’s expensive equipment, and take advantage of group classes.

But, before you join a gym and jumping in head first, there are a few key questions you should ask yourself to make sure it’s a good fit.

This guide will help you make sure you are making the right choice between firing up your home gym exercise equipment or joining the masses at the local fitness center.

Will This Fit in the Budget?

It is always important to make sure that you can make room in the budget when considering an additional expense. Gyms are great, but they can burn your bank account as much as calories on the treadmill.

There are many cost factors to a gym membership beyond the initial fee.

Some costs associated with joining a gym include:

  • Application fees – Yes, some gyms will charge you an initial fee on top of the membership fee in order to join their gym.
  • Monthly membership fee – This is the base monthly cost for being a member of the gym and often comes in tiers depending on how much of the gym’s benefits you would like to utilize.
  • Childcare costs – Need the children watched? Gyms offering a low fee are more expensive if you want the package that includes childcare. This often ends up being cheaper than hiring a babysitter, however.
  • Maintenance fee – This is an annual fee charged to make up for the low cost of monthly gym memberships. If you are under contract, you must pay this fee.
  • Class fees – Want to do yoga or Zumba? There may be an extra fee for group classes
  • Water, snacks, and other perks – Did you forget your water bottle? Be prepared to pay hotel mini-bar prices!

If you already own home gym exercise equipment, the above expenses might be reason enough to use what you already have, or to consider fitness equipment delivery for a new home gym setup.

If you have considered investing in workout equipment for home, compare this cost to the yearly cost of a gym membership, including all the hidden fees discussed above.

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Contract Agreements – is now the right time to commit?

Many gyms require the signing of a contract, but some gyms do make this optional. At some gyms, signing a contract and committing to a monthly or annual membership may come with a financial incentive. But remember that getting out of these contracts (if needed) is extremely difficult, and many big box gyms use aggressive collection agencies against those that break their agreements.

Contracts are full of penalties for early cancellation. Even when you wait until the contract period is over, you may have to give a month’s notice in order to cancel. If you are considering cancelling a contract, make sure that you pay attention to the details of your terms, or you may be stuck with even more fees.

Why Are You Considering A Gym?

Many individuals consider joining a gym because they feel like they will be motivated to go and workout if they are spending money on a membership. This is not necessarily the case. If you have home gym exercise equipment that is not being used, then you will not be any more likely to drive to a gym to use the same equipment.

Remember, going to the gym is an extra inconvenience. There is commute time, parking, packing a change of clothes and shoes, and more to consider.

Important factors to consider include:

  • Is the gym close to your house? Otherwise, you may find yourself debating the drive!
  • Do you have the discipline to go use the gym a few times each week, or are you essentially throwing your money away?
  • Are you healthy enough to participate in intense exercise? Be sure to confirm this with your doctor before fronting any gym fees

Is the Gym you’re Looking at the Right Fit for you?

To pick out the perfect Jackson, MS, gym, make sure to research every option available, considering those features and aspects most important to you and your goals.

  • Does the gym you are considering have insurance? Will your health insurance cover anything that happens after you sign the required gym waiver? Often, gyms will decline to cover injuries unless negligence can be proven.
  • It is also important to know local opinions about the gym. Do people like this gym, or do they recommend a different one? Cleanliness, availability, and friendly trainers are just a few factors to consider.
  • Are the trainers certified professionals? You are trusting these employees with your personal health, so make sure they know what they are talking about!
  • How long has the gym been open? Gyms can change hands or suddenly close. Is this a reliable, established gym?
  • Is the gym too crowded? If you only have a set amount of time to work out in, you don’t want to spend most of it waiting for the machines you need.
  • What kind of equipment do they offer?
  • What are their hours of operation?

The Best Opinion is Your Own

Many gyms in Jackson, offer a free trial period. Make sure you inquire about this before jumping into a full blown membership. Often there is no substitute to firsthand experience gained by giving the fitness center a trial run

After your trial period is over, don’t be shy to negotiate. Many gyms will cut you a deal on the monthly membership or offer free perks (such as a few free personal training sessions or class passes) if you are persistent enough.

On the flip side, upgrading your home gym with a fitness equipment delivery from affordable machines and free weights from Fitness Expo Stores offers a great alternative to paying for a gym membership, allowing you to workout in the privacy of your own home.