Reach your fitness goals with the Octane xR6 Elliptical series

Reach your fitness goals with the Octane xR6 Elliptical series

Fitness Expo in Louisiana strives to provide you with an all-around rewarding experience with your exercise equipment and workout. You’ve come into the store closest to you, spoken to our friendly and knowledgeable staff and decided to purchase the Octane xR6 Recumbent Elliptical. Now the good times and success begins.

The Octane xR6 recumbent elliptical is an excellent addition to your home gym. It will allow you to continue your training during inclement weather or if you prefer to avoid the traditional brick and mortar gyms. A recumbent elliptical allows you to burn more calories than a traditional recumbent bike because of the number of lower body muscle systems worked. The Octane xR6 recumbent elliptical also works out the entire body, with the handlebars moving while you pedal.

The Octane xR6 recumbent elliptical offers Powerstroke technology. The Powerstroke is approximately 16 inches for leg extension, a power drive that engages multiple muscle groups at the same time. The xR6 ride is more comfortable than a traditional recumbent bike. The cushioned seat is set at a 45-dgree angle to bring the torso and hip flexors open. This also allows for less stress on your back and a more comfortable ride. The seat height can be adjusted into twenty different positions and there are five tilt positions to make the ride more comfortable for every member of the household. This also allows you to customize your ride on a per use basis so you can exercise multiple leverage points.

The Octane xR6 recumbent elliptical can also become a personal trainer for you. The staff at Fitness Expo can help you understand the console for the machine you have chosen. It is our goal to make sure you get the most out of your exercise and if you don’t understand your console, how can you use it to its full potential?

The console has an LED display that is large and easy to see and understand. All essential workout data is displayed at once, so you can see the many different things that make your workout more useful. These include time spent in your workout, the distance you have ridden the recumbent, the speed you have produced throughout the workout, and the calories you have burned. These can also be changed to show heart rate information.

The console also allows you to choose the area you want to target for each workout. Each program can provide a variety of workouts and are specifically designed to meet your daily goals. Workout your upper body, chest press, lower body, leg press or your entire body on a rotating basis based on the program you choose. You can also choose to do a muscle endurance program.

Come in to your local Fitness Expo and give us the opportunity to help you expand your personal workout. We take pride in connecting you with the right machine for your home gym. We will deliver the machine to you and help you set it up, as well as provide service and get you started immediately on reaching your health and fitness goals.