Reduce joint stress with an Octane xR6000

Reduce joint stress with an Octane xR6000

Joint stress often makes it difficult for individuals to workout and lose the weight necessary to maintain a healthy life. If you suffer from joint stress, or pain in the legs, you are less likely to continue with a workout. However, continuing the workout is exactly what you need to do.

The Octane xR6000 recumbent elliptical helps you use more glutes and burn more calories than any other recumbent bike. This is because of the PowerStroke technology exclusive to Octane equipment. This leads to better overall results for you. This technology allows for leg extension and delivers a more engaging muscle workout.

The standard Octane xR6000 recumbent elliptical has a LED screen with a message center that displays all the workout data you need. The screen is ready to receive information about your heart rate wirelessly. The heart rate sensors are digital and it is read by contact of your hands on the handlebars. The console also comes preprogrammed with sixteen workouts and thirty resistance levels.

With twenty seat height positions, and five tilt settings, the step-through design of the Octane xR6000 is created with ease of exercise, comfort, and your health goals in mind. The seat is cushioned and is set at a 45-degree angle, which helps to reduce stress in the lower back. The adjustable height and tilt makes this piece of equipment perfect anyone of any size. It also gives you leverage points for targeted muscular conditioning and endurance training.

The Octane xR6000 is space efficient, being more narrow and shorter than many other ellipticals and recumbents. The step-through is safe to use, with a platform to step on to assist you. The pedals are oversized with a texture that allows for soft grip to let you place your feet in a more comfortable position. The handlebars are patented converging path and MultiGrip to work the upper body natural movement. There are also solid handlebars if you want to give your upper body a rest and just work the lower body.

Options for the Octane xR6000 include a Polar chest strap as well as a universal mount for a small television.

When working to improve your health and reduce your joint stress, you want a piece of equipment in your home gym that won’t work against you. The Octane xR6000 works for you, and the stress reducers that you need to make your workout better for you.

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