Seated Elliptical Machines for Senior Fitness

Seated Elliptical Machines for Senior Fitness

Sometimes seniors get frustrated trying to figure out which workout will work for them. When you have physical limitations, trying to develop a workout routine gets confusing. Avoid injury and get the maximum benefit from working out by using a seated elliptical machine. An elliptical machine offers a low impact workout with big results.

Stretching, Warming Up and Getting Ready
Often seniors and people who have experienced injuries do not realize there are many suitable low impact exercises. Stretching and warming up are important to avoid injury. It takes just five minutes to perform a few simple stretches before you start a full-fledged workout on a seated elliptical machine. Tai chi and gentle yoga are two ways seniors can warm up before working out. Many of these postures can be done from a seated position.

Tai chi and yoga relax and stretch your muscles so you get the most from your workout. They only take a few minutes to do. Warming up ensures your body is ready for a low impact fitness routine. Many libraries and senior centers offer basic tai chi and yoga classes. There are also many books available to help you learn these basic warm up postures.

Working Out On a Seated Elliptical Machine
A seated elliptical machine is low impact. This means it goes easy on your joints yet still gives you an outstanding workout. Your muscles get toned while you get the benefit of a cardiovascular workout. It is an easy way to achieve overall body benefits. The exercises are done in a seated position. You can start off slow with a few repetitions and build yourself up over time. An elliptical machine is compact and portable, and fits into almost any space.

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