Should I Get a Fitness Consultation?

Should I Get a Fitness Consultation?

Most people who are just coming to the realization that they want to live a healthier life through regular exercise have a number of difficulties getting started. Usually, they end up online doing search after search, which only ends in frustration as they discover articles discussing the best ways to get started from seemingly credible fitness consultation sources that directly conflict with other articles that are making absurdly different claims. If this sounds like the beginning of your journey to healthy living, a fitness consultant is going to be your best bet in getting the help you need.

Instead of getting your information online, which could be written and published by literally anyone, the consultants at Fitness Expo in Kenner and our other locations are experienced professionals who can help you get the most out of your workouts without putting pressure on you to make a purchase.

Still, you may be wondering whether you should get a health fitness consultation at all. While we would love to have you come in to discuss your options and offer advice through our educated staff, we understand you may still have doubts. That being said, if you forgo talking to a fitness consultant, you could miss out on some of the great benefits offered by talking to our skilled fitness pros.

The Right Equipment Makes a Bigger Difference than You Think

Those who have already looked for a “fitness consultant near me” and talked with our staff already understand how big a difference choosing the right home gym equipment can be, and it’s time you do, too. One of the worst things that can happen when buying this kind of equipment is that the machine you got does not get used. Having the right gear will change that.

After anyone buys equipment for their home gym, they will use it extensively for a while – no matter what the exercise machine is for. Once the novelty wears off, though, machines are often left unused for extended periods and left to be another thing the home collecting dust or taking up space. If this has ever happened to you, you may be wondering what keeps that one friend or family member working out consistently and with incredible results.

Becoming More Motivated with the Right Fitness Machine

How do they stay so dedicated to their workout routines? I bought the same equipment as them, why don’t I use it regularly? What is my problem?

The thing is, there simply is not a problem with you if you are not using gym equipment. What really happened is that your loved one found a piece of equipment for their home gym that is well suited for their needs, goals, and lifestyle. But just because it works well for them that doesn’t mean it is going to be a good fit for your life. Their Horizon Adventure 5 Treadmill is a great machine for those who love to run, but if you’re not a jogger it’s not going to do anything for you. A health fitness consultation will help you determine not only a machine that will help you achieve your workout goals, but that you will actually enjoy using for years to come.

Likewise, if you have a previous injury or disability, a fitness consultation at Fitness Expo will make sure you don’t get a piece of equipment that leads to pain or suffering during use. If you can’t use your exercise machine at all, it’s merely wasting space and the money you spent on it.

A Fitness Consultation Can Help Avoid Redundancies

Most people have a coffee maker sitting on their kitchen counter. What is especially rare is seeing both a coffee maker and an espresso machine. The reason is clear – if you have one, you are far less likely to use the other because they offer similar results. This idea is the same for fitness equipment, but it isn’t nearly as obvious as comparing two caffeinated hot beverage makers.

As great as the aforementioned Horizon treadmill is, the only place that needs one of those alongside a BH Fitness S2XI Elliptical is a gym. They help achieve very similar goals, though a fitness consultation will help determine which of the two is better suited for your specific needs.

Your Fitness Consultation is Free

The kind of information you will receive from a fitness consultant at one of our stores is incredibly valuable. So valuable, in fact, that you often have to pay for it from other fitness consulting companies. However, you won’t have to pay a cent for the time you spend gleaning information about the best way to achieve your health and fitness goals.

A Local Fitness Store for All Your Goals

To learn more, give our Kenner Fitness Expo a call at 504-655-9717 today, or call any of our locations on our contacts page. We’ll be glad to help, and you’ll be glad to finally know you’re on the right path to a healthy, fit life.