A Silent And Effective AMT Workout In Apartments

A Silent And Effective AMT Workout In Apartments

The initials AMT stand for “Adaptive Motion Trainer.” An AMT is a compact fitness machine that offers a full-fledged workout in the smallest spaces. Even if you live in a studio apartment, you can find an area for an AMT. Enjoy a low-impact workout with impressive results right in the comfort of your own home.

Choosing Workout Machines for Apartments
A major concern when you live in an apartment is making noise. You never want to disturb the neighbors with a noisy workout machine. This is a major consideration if you work erratic hours and want to fit a home workout into your daily routine. Because an AMT is practically silent, you can workout any hour of the day or evening without disturbing your neighbors.

Space is another issue when you reside in small quarters. A Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer is the same innovative machine used in fitness centers around the country. It is a compact choice that fits into any corner of your apartment. Enjoy the same workout you would get at the gym at your convenience. You will never worry that the gym will close if you work overtime if you have an AMT at home.

Working Out On an AMT
You can achieve a diverse low-impact workout on an AMT. Start with a warm-up then walk, run, and switch from short to long strides on an AMT. Get a total body experience by using the dual-action arms feature. You can exercise while maintaining your targeted heart rate for an optimal cardiovascular experience.

Be creative and mix up your workouts to keep them interesting. Consider an interval workout or reverse cardiovascular workout. The Precor AMT also offers simple preset workouts so the machine can do all the thinking when you don’t want to.

The fitness experts at Fitness Expo will help you select the right AMT for your space and needs. Discuss your personal goals with a fitness expert at one of our eight convenient locations. Check out Precor AMT machines to see all they can do for you. Discover how an AMT fits into any available space in your apartment to give you a superior workout anytime.