Six Ways to Fit Exercise Into Any Busy Day

Six Ways to Fit Exercise Into Any Busy Day

We all realize the importance of exercising every day, but many of us wind up falling short of our goals. Making exercise easy and fun ensures you get physical activity each day. No matter how hectic your schedule gets, there are six ways to fit exercise into any busy day.


Park Far Away


When we go to the store or run errands, our first reaction is to find the closest parking spot in the lot. Change the way you think and look for the furthest spot instead. If the weather is poor, keep an umbrella in the car so you don’t make excuses. This compels you to walk from the car to the places you need to go. It is a simple way to get more exercise.


Take the Stairs


When we see an elevator, we instantly take it, whether we are going to the second floor or the tenth. From now on, take the stairs instead. This is an excellent way to workout your legs and get some aerobic activity. If you work in a high rise, take the stairs as far as you can until you need to use the elevator.


Walk During Lunch


Pack a healthy lunch instead of driving around to the closest fast food restaurants for a sandwich and French fries. If you get hungry, include a soup or salad and sandwich with a small dessert. The time you save will give you a few minutes to fit in a walk during lunch. Even if you work in a large building or retail outlet, you can walk around indoors. This also boosts your energy for the rest of the day.


Get a Dog or a Friend


When you are committed to walking a dog or meeting a friend to take a walk, you are more likely to do it. Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get moving each day. This companionship is also good for your mood.


Clean the House


Turn on your favorite music and clean the house at a fast pace. This is serious aerobic activity when you are pushing a mop or vacuum. Your muscles get a decent workout from scrubbing the tub and sink. Take it up a notch by doing some work in the yard. Mow the lawn, pull out weeds and sweep the deck.


Invest in a Home Gym


Most people who belong to a gym rarely go there. This money is wasted each month and you wind up promising you’ll go tomorrow. This can put off working out for days or weeks. A home gym is there at your convenience. You don’t have to use it during certain hours or drive to get there. This level of convenience is invaluable, even if you do have a gym membership. On the days you can’t make it to the gym, you can workout at home. The Life Fitness G4 is space-efficient and offer variety for a diverse and beneficial workout.


With all these easy ways to fit exercise into your day, there will never be a good excuse to miss your daily workout again.