StairMaster SM916 StepMill – Tone Your Legs

Some machines are classics, and the StairMaster is one of them. For 25 years the StepMill has been known as one of the best and hardest workouts in a gym. For people who want to lose weight and tone their leg muscles specifically, the StepMill is the go-to machine.

If you want this gym-quality workout engine in your home, the helpful folks at Fitness Expo have stores throughout Louisiana and in Jackson, Mississippi, so there are plenty of places for you to stop in and experiment. Fitness Expo staff are highly trained, and can show you all of the following features of this legendary device.

At the core of the machine are the 8 inch stairs that users walk on. Generous in space, they allow people of all sizes of feet to get a good workout without losing their balance. The StepMill can range between a rate of 24 and 162 steps per minute, allowing for beginners and more experienced users to get the workout intensity appropriate to their needs.

10 workout programs are included in the computer, providing a number of challenges for fitness enthusiasts to take advantage of. These include exercise intervals, fat-burner/weight loss routines, calorie shedding exercises, a multi-stage fitness test to determine your precise requirements, and the CPAT test. No matter what your fitness level, you can find a setting in the pre-programmed routines to help you reach your goals.

Polar-compatible heart rate monitoring systems allow users to keep track of calories burnt and heartbeat thresholds reached. Information is ammunition in any workout, and the StepMill provides excellent feedback for its users.

Included is a slot for a 15” television as well. This may seem an odd choice, but studies have shown that exercising with some form of entertainment present not only makes the exercise easier, but increases the amount of time and even the results gained from the exercise done. For those who exercise indoors, this can be a very welcome addition to their routine, and means that no one needs to miss their favorite show while they meet their daily exercise commitment and push for their personal fitness goals.