The Best Exercise Machines To Burn The Most Calories

The Best Exercise Machines To Burn The Most Calories

Doing the right cardio exercise can help you burn a considerable amount of calories. However, if you want to use a machine to burn more calories, you will want to get the right machine that will give you the best results.


Stationary Bicycle


The most commonly used machine is a stationary bicycle. Typically a stationary bicycle can burn 500-1000 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of your pedaling. This range actually makes a stationary bicycle one of the highest calorie burning exercises as long as it is done correctly. To accomplish this, you must choose a resistance high enough to make you feel the calorie burn in your leg muscles. You will want to reach an RPM of 90 and you will need a high enough resistance to make you breathe harder upon doing this.


Of course, now your question becomes which type of stationary bicycle should you purchase to do this. Most likely you will want to choose between an upright or a recumbent. The recumbent bike is good if you have pain in your wrists, elbows, lower back and neck. If sitting on an upright bike causes you pain in these areas, then it would be best to choose a recumbent bike, however you will not work your core muscles adequately enough to reach the calorie burn you want.




Using a treadmill for running provides a full-body workout that can burn 600-1200 calories an hour. This level of burn is usually achieved at running up an incline. And as a side benefit, you will increase your metabolism for several hours even after you have completed your workout.


Walking on a treadmill does not have results that are as efficient. Typically walking will only burn 300-400 calories an hour. Walking should be avoided as a primary cardio exercise as it is something your body does quite efficiently on a daily basis. There is not enough of a metabolic boost because the time you spend walking in the morning or the evening does not increase your heart rate any more than walking up the stairs or through your office or from your car into the mall.


Elliptical Trainer


An elliptical trainer usually has a computer to keep track of the calories you burn. Unfortunately, these computers tend to over calculate the calories burned. Leaning on the rails for support can affect this as well. An elliptical trainer that does not include arm movements will typically burn 600 calories an hour. An elliptical trainer has such low results due to the way the machine is built, once you get the parts moving, they tend to work on their own and you use less energy.


Rowing Machine


Another high burning calorie machine is the rowing machine. This machine tends to burn over 1000 calories with the proper movements. If you become bored while using the rowing machine, you should use intervals of high intensity, whole body pulling with intervals of easy rowing. Use your entire body during the high intensity intervals to increase your calorie burn.