The Best Fitness Equipment Brands

The Best Fitness Equipment Brands

As you build your home gym, you’ll want to purchase the best-quality wholesale gym equipment available, without breaking the bank.

How to Choose the Ideal Exercise Equipment

But how do you decide between machines, brands and feature sets? When do you know a more expensive machine is worth the price?

At Fitness Expo, we’ve helped hundreds of Metairie customers find the best workout equipment for their home gym setups, fitness studios, centers, and gyms. We review dozens of brands before deciding which to stock in our store and help customers with a wide variety of needs find home gym equipment that will work well for both their budget and their goals.

In this article, we’re reviewing three of our favorite fitness equipment brands for you: Life Fitness, Precor, Powertec, Hoist, and Horizon. These brands stand above the rest in innovation, selection, and efficiency, though all the brands we stock are top notch and worth a look. We’ll likely cover them in future posts, so stay tuned.

For now, read on to learn more about these brands, or stop in at our wholesale gym equipment store today!

Life Fitness

Top Selection

Life Fitness is a top supplier for both residential and commercial fitness needs. They’ve become one of the preferred companies for professionals by maintaining a high standard of quality while prioritizing constant innovation.

Options for Beginners

We recommend Life Fitness machines to beginners due to their ease of use and amount of data.

If you’re just starting to learn your cardiovascular limits, a Life Fitness elliptical or treadmill can measure your heart rate and tell you whether you need to slow down or speed up.

If you’re not sure how to construct a workout with warm-up, cool-down, and power intervals, your machine can create a workout for you.

Additionally, as you gain strength and endurance, the machine’s many levels allow you to progressively increase difficulty.

Popular Choice

Our best-selling Life Fitness machine is the Life Fitness Treadmill Desk. If you work from home (or your office supports the use of a treadmill desk), this desk will help you increase your daily workout without changing your schedule. Simply turn the treadmill to a low setting, then continue with your regular activities. This sort of combination can even help increase memory, energy, and productivity at work!

Life Fitness offers a variety of other home gym equipment options, too: weights, cardio, abs, and more. If you’d like to match the brand or appearance of all your gym equipment, Life Fitness is the way to go.


Personal Innovation

Precor prides itself on ultra-personalized exercise equipment. Most Precor workout equipment pieces designed for home allow the user to set their weight, goals, and other data for their workout.

Several machines are able to coordinate with the Precor app – promoting a lifestyle of fitness, rather than a workout routine. The company focuses in on creating dynamic machines that can be adapted for each individual, including muscle group changes, low-impact options, and more.

Great for Families

If you expect everyone in the family using your workout equipment, Precor is the brand for you. Each person can create their own goals, routines, and workouts, track their data, and adjust the machine to their needs.

Precor eliminates the need for extensive workout equipment for home (eg, a slightly-different cardio machine for each member of the family) by building versatile options for everyone.

Best Seller

Our most popular Precor machine is the Precor AMT813 Adaptive Motion Trainer, which offers range-of-motion modifications based on natural stride and fitness needs.


Strength Focus

While both Life Fitness and Precor offer strength-training options, their focus is generally toward casual residential and gym fitness.

Powertec focuses on strength training rather than cardio. The company has been in business for over 20 years. Its influence spans the globe, originating from Powertec’s home base in California. Their designers specifically build weights machines to help increase muscle mass in ways that will help increase sports performance, among other things.

Powertec works to develop high-innovation professional-quality strength training machines for residential consumers; all their equipment is both well-made and highly effective.

Great for Efficiency

We only sell a few Powertec home gym equipment options, because you only need a few to complete your strength training.

If you have a smaller gym space, or you simply don’t want to accumulate machines, Powertec is the brand you’re looking for. Several of their machines offer multiple muscle group workouts, from deltoids to your core. Some of their workout equipment for home is small, to fit tight spaces. Other options are larger and feature more exercises in a single machine.

Customer Pick

At Fitness Expo, the best-selling Powertec machine is the Powertec Workbench Multi System. This machine can work your back, legs, core, and upper body in a series of carefully-planned workout sequences.


Known for their customer friendly line of fitness equipment that is simple to assemble and easy to use, this customer-centric fitness brand is a crowd pleaser.

Designed for everyday use and for ease of set up in home gym environments, Horizon consistently ranks among the top fitness gym equipment brands by our customers.

Reliable, dependable and affordable options make this brand a must check out.


Hoist is an innovative leader in the realm of commercial resistance training machines and light resistance training equipment for home use.

They offer an array of single and multi-station units suited for virtually any application including machines for:

  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Lower body
  • And core

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