The Best Home Workout Equipment For Your Studio Apartment in Metairie

The Best Home Workout Equipment For Your Studio Apartment in Metairie

Exercising with gym equipment can be one of the best things you can do for your body. However, plenty of exercisers avoid heading to the gym due to their busy schedules and gym memberships could get quite expensive. In addition, working out and sweating in front of strangers is not always fun nor enjoyable for some people. 

Alternatively, having your own home workout equipment is much more convenient. You don’t have to worry about gym membership fees, driving to the gym, etc. With a home workout equipment, you can simply workout from the comforts of your own home!

But what if you have a small space? Don’t worry, though! Here, we’ll help you find the best in-home workout equipment for your studio apartment here in Metairie. 

Power Plate Personal

The Personal Power Plate guarantees big results despite being a very compact machine. Its full-body vibration technology enables your body’s natural reflexive response to vibration which moves in three separate directions: up/down, forward/backward, and side to side. 

The Personal Power Plate is easy to store and thanks to its compact size you can even travel with it as it comes with a travel case.

Key features:

– Full-body vibration technology.

– Compact size easy to store and travel with.

– Soft cloth carrying case.

Vision V-Series Indoor Cycle

The Vision V Series Indoor Cycle design allows the user to replicate a group cycling experience on an open road. Its belt drive provides a smoother and quieter workout for your home setting. It also offers an ergonomic cycling saddle seat for maximized comfort. The machine comes with a micro-adjustable handlebar and seat sliders for the perfect riding position.

Key features:

– Adjustable pedal straps.

– Resistance system friction brake.

– Seat type ergonomic cycling saddle.

Precor TRM 223 Energy Series

The Precor TRM 223 Treadmill offers a customized fitness experience in your home. Its non-folding design allows more stability than a folding unit. 

Energy Stride Technology uses the patented deck mounting system from Precor’s commercial models to provide you with a reduced impact to the joints. 

It allows you to pick which muscles to target thanks to its ten preset programs while the SmartRate helps you to stay in your fat burn, cardio, or peak target zone for the most effective workout.

Key features:

– Energy Stride Technology.

– Structurally sound design.

– SmartRate Target Heart Zone.

Stairmaster 8 FreeClimber

The Stairmaster 8 FreeClimber offers a patented pedal geometry. Ensuring a safe and bio-mechanically correct movement, thanks to the four-bar linkage keeping the pedals level. 

This machine offers a high-intensity workout that can be done in high-intensity interval training, short calorie-blasting workouts, increasing movement or training for a major goal. You will have the option to choose from ten workout programs to keep variation in your workout routines.

Key features:

– Patented pedal geometry.

– Four-bar linkage for a safe and biomechanically correct movement.

– Ten workout programs.

AB Coaster CS3000

The Ab Coaster CS3000 is the flagship of The Abs Company. It offers a freestyle motion with a flowing curved frame to allow you to do crunches with leg raises which replicates natural spine flexion. 

Its ergonomic carriage has a stainless steel design and a soft kneeling cushion for any level user to perform a steady abdominal exercise. You can reach an ultra-smooth ride with its adjustable hand grips for anyone wanting firmer ab muscles.

Key features:

– FreeStyle motion seat.

– Heavy-duty steel construction.

– Adjustable handgrips.

Precor EFX427 Precision TM Series Elliptical

The Precor EFX427 is a commercial model for the home with 20 resistance preset programs to keep you challenged and a Built-in Workout Accelerators to get the most out of the workout. 

Its CrossRamp goes from 15 to 40 degrees, allowing you to target all major lower body muscle groups. 

This machine is in the New Precision series of ellipticals that are commercial models for your in-home workout equipment with design and features supported by experts. 

Key features:

– Precor patented adjustable CrossRamp technology.

– Variable Stride Geometry to focus on a specific muscle group.

– 20 Resistance levels for a maximum cardio workout.

Exercising is an important activity we all have to practice, however, it might be also easy to make some excuses to avoid or skipping out on the gym. Whether you think it’s too expensive, far, crowded or all of them, with a home gym you can throw all of those excuses. 

With the Metairie home workout equipment listed above, you can now work out in your studio apartment. Get quality equipment here at Fitness Expo!