Things You Need to Know About Getting Fit

Things You Need to Know About Getting Fit

You might look yourself in the mirror and think, “I’m going to get in shape. This is it. I’m going to do it.” But you end up procrastinating and before you know it, you have completely forgotten about it. The next day you are panting while walking on a flight of stairs and kicking yourself for eating that bag of potato chips again. The same cycle will continue.

You made a resolution to lose weight or get fit this time so you scour the internet, type “how to lose weight” and you are presented with an intimidating workout regimen. If you’re overwhelmed by the whole idea of getting fit, don’t worry. Everybody starts in this phase until they realize that it’s a lot of fun. It also means that some exercises just don’t work for you so you need to find a program that is beneficial to you.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Set a Goal and Stick with It

Are you aiming to lose weight or build muscle? Do you want to have stronger arms or slender legs? Knowing what you want is the first step in starting your workout journey. Once you pinpoint your objective, find exercises that target those body and muscle groups. Say you want to have killer abs, you should resort to various cardio and high-intensity exercises.

Your first week usually means two sets to one circuit, but try to stick with one for now and do 20-25 repetitions so you can truly feel the burn—this also indicates that you’re working up your body. And hey, that’s already progress!

Remember that you need to make your way to more sets and repetitions as you go along. Don’t forget to warm up before exercising. Always do this so you will have less injury and also it will prep your body for the workout.

Identify What Made You Give Up in the First Place

Let’s face it: we all have some of the kryptonite that discourages us to continue getting that body we want. If you have failed in the past, identify the reasons behind it. Was it the excruciating pain you felt on your body the first time? Did you get sick? Or something came up and you end up abandoning the whole thing? The key here is to find ways to avoid these pitfalls that will overshadow your goals.

Cleaning Up Your Diet

Yes, we’re getting into this. Exercising alone won’t blast that fat from your body unless you start eating healthy. This means no sodas, junk food, sugar, and too many carbs. You might say, “But I’ll burn them off on my next workout session”. Keep in mind that it will be difficult for you to get back on track or see the results if you don’t pay attention to what you put in your mouth.

There are many diet plans out there that can practically work for everyone such as the paleo diet or the keto diet that’s in the rage now. Worrying about pricey meal plans? There are so many possibilities for someone who’s on a budget so hop on your computer and start looking for affordable meal plans that fit within your price range. You can also change your meal plan every week so as not to get bored with the same food.

Take an Inspiration

Jot down what inspires you to get in shape. It could be that co-worker who has an envious beach body and looks good in every clothes she wears or that you can stay longer participating in activities and sports during family reunions. Put them on a piece of paper and paste it on your wall or mirror; take a look at them to keep you motivated. You can also insert a mantra there to keep yourself in check.

Do What You Love

You don’t need to be stuck in the same exercise. Take up sports such as swimming or even Frisbee throwing—something that you enjoy doing. You won’t be able to reach success if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. Enjoying it also means you’ll feel tired but in a good way. It’s better to sweat and get worked up with something that you love rather than forcing yourself to an activity. Before you know it, you’ll see results in a couple of weeks.

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It’s not too late to get healthy and fit. And it will be a long journey ahead, a journey that you are determined to take. You will encounter difficulties along the way, but that’s part of the battle. Push yourself slowly until you’ll see that such effort will result in a reward you’re expecting. Good luck!