Things You Need to Know About Power Block Dumbbells

Things You Need to Know About Power Block Dumbbells

When it comes to weight or strength training, a dumbbell is the first gym equipment that comes into the minds of most health conscious individuals and fitness buffs. Many fitness experts also believe that dumbbells, which can be used in pairs or separately, are one of the most effective exercise gym tools in terms of strength training.

Types of Dumbbells
There are different types of dumbbells that fitness-conscious individuals can choose from. These are adjustable dumbbells, fixed-weight dumbbells and “selectorized dumbbells.”

Among these three types, “selectorized” dumbbells are the ones that are considered modern. Users can change the weight of these adjustable dumbbells by mechanically moving a selector pin. Users may be spared of adding and removing plates manually with these dumbbells. A popular example of a selectorized dumbbell is the Power Block brand.

Parts of Power Block Adjustable Dumbbells
A Power Block adjustable dumbbell is composed of a core, which holds the rest of the equipment together. In addition to the core, the Power Block dumbbell has weight plates, which look like the plates you will notice on adjustable weight equipment at the gym. Aside from the weight plates, the Power Block dumbbells have adder weights, or silver cylinders that are being supported by two cylinder slots located in the core of the Power Block Dumbbell.

One component that makes Power Block dumbbells stand out from the rest is the selector pin. A selector pin consists of two metal rods that slip between the weight plates’ sides. With a selector pin, you can easily adjust or expand the weight plates to satisfy your strength needs. With a Power Black adjustable dumbbell, you can observe that each set of weight plates has corresponding colors. This color-coding scheme for the weight plates is designed to make it easier for users to identify where to slip the selector pin if they plan to adjust the weight between exercises.

Advantages of Power Blocks Over Traditional Dumbbells
With Power Blocks, you can boost your endurance and strength while reducing the risk of injuries. This is because Power Block adjustable dumbbells may allow you to slowly make adjustments in weight increments.

Aside from that, Power Blocks can also reduce the risk of wrist injury. This can be attributed to the Power Block’s padded handle that can help protect the user’s wrist.

If you want to be fit without spending a lot, Power Block dumbbells are the perfect fitness equipment for you. Power Blocks cost less than conventional dumbbells available on the market today.

If you plan to buy Power Blocks adjustable dumbbells, it is advisable to buy rack stands that are capable of storing and holding your sets of Power Block dumbbells.

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