This Is Why An Exercise Mat Is An Important Part of Your Workout Routine

This Is Why An Exercise Mat Is An Important Part of Your Workout Routine

This Is Why An Exercise Mat Is An Important Part of Your Workout Routine

If you regularly work out, whether at the home or at the gym, an exercise mat is essential. They come in handy in almost all types of workout. You might think that there is only one exercise mat for all fitness workouts, but there are actually different types available today.

Some mats are used to protect gym floors whilst others protects the body during exercise. There are others that come with a non-slip surface with minimal cushioning. You might think that all of these are petty much the same and you can use just about anything as long as it’s an exercise mat and that’s where you’re wrong.

First of all, let us discuss the different types of exercise mats.

Gym Floor Mat

If you frequent the gym, then you might have noticed its rubber floors. These are actually rubber mats that protect the floor from the crashes it gets from heavy equipment slammed to the floor. Just imagine a barbell hitting the floor unprotected at the gym? It isn’t a good sight, right? Plus, it could also be a cause for injury with the broken shards and all.

Pilates & Yoga Mats

If you are still wondering if a yoga mat is necessary for exercise then it will be helpful to know that certain exercises such as Pilates & Yoga require a non-slip surface because most of the routines are done with the use of the mat. It also serves as a cushioning for the spine and joints whilst performing the exercises. Usually, mats used for Pilates are 1/2” thick, which is enough cushion and at the same time, offering enough support.

On the other hand, yoga mats are usually 1/8” thick. This is because you need to feel the floor for the proper balance and execution of the movements. Mats used for yoga are smaller than the ones used for Pilates. Either way, the most important part when it comes to these two exercises is a non-slip surface.

Exercise Mats

These are soft cushion mats that are vital to any floor exercise. This makes crunches more comfortable and it gives your hips, knees, tailbone and spine the proper cushioning and support it needs whilst you execute the movements needed for your workout routine.

Now, these are three important exercise mats that you should consider getting as these are made for your safety and protection when you’re doing your workout routines.

Second of all, there are also other mats as well such as:

  • Tumbling mats used for gymnastics
  • Safety mats that are often used for high-impact plyometric exercises

Last of all, the most important question of all, do you need an exercise mat? Some would think that if you only workout from home, a mat isn’t essential. However, as mentioned above, these mats play an important role in your safety and protection while you do exercise routines whether at the gym or not.

So, a good advise is to actually get an exercise mat that fits your workout routine. You will highly benefit from it and you will be able to execute your workout routines properly.

When buying an exercise mat, you should keep in mind to highly take into consideration the kind of workout routine that you will do with it. Next, you should feel comfortable using it. You can test out exercise mats at fitness equipment stores.

Luckily, exercise mats are inexpensive so you really don’t have to worry about how much it will cost you. It’s very affordable and at the same time, it plays a vital role in your active life.

There are so many exercise mats out there being offered by various brands. To help narrow down your search, consider talking to a fitness specialist or if you go to the gym, you can ask your fitness trainer for a referral. Either way, it all goes down to the type of workout that you do and the comfort level that it brings.

You can also check out online fitness equipment stores. This is a good idea if you’re doing your research and you want to know about the best brands out there as well as the cost. There are also some good online fitness stores out there that provides live chats to help guide online customers. This is a great way to purchase. So, if you don’t have the time to visit your local fitness store, consider buying it online from a reputable fitness online store.