Tips On Choosing Elliptical Machines

Tips On Choosing Elliptical Machines

Elliptical trainers are rapidly becoming one of the most popular machines in the fitness industry. According to many fitness stores, they now sell as many elliptical machines as treadmills. There are a wide range of elliptical trainers in the market that choosing the best one may prove quite difficult. Here are the factors you need to consider when buying elliptical trainers.

Tips on choosing elliptical machines



The first step in shopping for a good elliptical trainer is to determine how much you want to spend. The price of this type of machine generally ranges from about USD500 to USD3000 or even more. You will be able to target your search in a better way if you set your financial limitations first before you start looking.
Determine your needs and then choose the features you want your machine to have. Custom features include resistance, incline and speed options. Decide whether you want your trainer to have an arm motion for an upper body workout. Some elliptical machines come with high-tech features, like built-in heart-rate monitors or docks for hooking up your smartphone or MP3 player. While each of these features will increase the overall cost of your machine, they will take your fitness to a new level.

Safety Mechanisms

An elliptical trainer has many moving components which can pose a danger to you as well as your children and small pets. A good elliptical should have built-in safety features that would guarantee the safety of your family. For instance, some machines are equipped with a locking feature that prevents the movement of pedals when the trainer isn’t on.


Every elliptical machine is different with regards to the size and positioning of its pedals, handles and other features. Before selecting an elliptical trainer, make sure you try it out. Check the key ergonomic features. For example, consider how your legs feel, ensure your knees are not bumping together and pay attention to how your hips feel. The handle should feel comfortable without putting a strain on your elbows or shoulders.

User Weight

The weight of a user will make a difference how the elliptical machine operates. Many trainers will start to develop vibration problems, balance issues and increased noise when the user weight exceeds 200 lbs. So ensure you buy a trainer which can meet your user weight.
Ultimately, you will want to buy an elliptical trainer that you like, is easy to operate and feels good to use. Ensure the machine comes with a good warranty.