Top 10 Best Home Workout Equipment for Men

Top 10 Best Home Workout Equipment for Men

In our society today, people tend to emphasize the need for good looks and great body. Men, for instance, tend to be very particular in maintaining their physical fitness. We usually see them in gyms, working and toning their muscles out. Being physically fit entitles them to feel good about themselves, therefore boosting up their manly ego.

Having to work out in the gym can be a hassle. But why exercise outside the premises of your own comfort when you can have them at your very own home? You can keep yourself physically fit while watching TV, reading a book, or babysitting your kids. Having a gym in your own house paves the way for you to really stick to your exercise routine. Here is the top 10 best home workout equipment available in fitness stores.

  1. Barbell set.  It is considered the best home workout equipment for those men who are really serious in body building. It immensely enhances your muscle strength, endurance and power. Barbell helps in losing weight because it burns out calories and energy fast. Just do the right techniques to avoid serious injuries
  2. Treadmills. Treadmills are known widely today. It is one of the best home workout equipment because it is easy to use. You can run, jog or just walk indoors without having to worry about the weather or the place.
  3. Exercise bikes. Exercise bikes offer safer workout than having to bike in the sidewalk. No more traffics or having the risk of being ran over by a car outside. What’s more is that it enhances your cardiovascular system and helps you to stay in shape.
  4. Recumbent cycles. This lets you exercise in a recumbent position (back laid back in a reclined position with legs extended) therefore there is lesser stress on the knees. The main muscles that are utilized and toned in this exercise are the gluteus (butt muscles) and hamstring muscles (located in the legs). This is the best home gym equipment for individuals with back problems, older clients at risk for injuries and obese clients.
  5. Elliptical trainers. Otherwise known as ellipticals, it is considered as one of the best home workout equipment because of its low-impact features. With this equipment, you experience less tension on by the joints and joints because your foot settles on the pedal. Therefore there is a reduced chance for you to experience exercise-related injuries. Ellipticals are highly recommended for those people who have bone or joint issues.
  6. Rowing machines. This equipment provides a whole body bodybuilding experience. Just don’t start too quickly and warmup before exercising to avoid getting those nasty body aches.
  7. Kettleballs. Kettleballs are easy to use and  help you tone out those arm muscles and lose weight at the same time.
  8. Dumbbells. This is the best home gym equipment for individuals who don’t like gym equipment that is bulky and taking so much space in their house. It burns calories fast and improves your cardiovascular system.
  9. Exercise balls. Exercise balls are big, inflatable equipment which enhances your stability and flexibility. It can be used for your abdominal exercise and push-ups that will help you to achieve six –pack abs.
  10. Resistance bands. Resistance bands are lightweight and portable. They are perfect for muscle shaping and firming as well as enhancing bone and joint strength.

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