Top 5 Best Workouts to Do With Metairie Home Workout Equipment

Top 5 Best Workouts to Do With Metairie Home Workout Equipment

Investing in your health is the best reward you can do for yourself. In the modern world, there are many health issues and diseases related to less physical activities and unhealthy lifestyles. Although it is not entirely people’s fault, the sedentary work lifestyle also plays a significant role. Most occupations require one to sit in an office for many hours, and hence not exercising as needed. However, you can lose weight, build muscles, and keep fit all in your home. You can get some of the best home work out equipment and get the results from the privacy of your home. Below are the top 5 best workouts that you can do with your Metairie home equipment.

1.    Jumping Rope

If you still think that jumping rope is for the Rocky Balboa and school girls only, think again. Jumping rope has been proved to not only burn calories but also increase the resilience of the lower-leg muscles, improve coordination and balance, and even improve cognitive abilities. The American Council on Exercise has proved all these benefits. When selecting your jumping rope, you can never go wrong with one from Fitness Expo Stores. Whether starting or doing intense training, you will achieve great results with the super-smooth swivel, comfortable handles, and adjustable length of these jump ropes. It is also perfect for travel and comes with a downloadable exercise manual to assist with the possible workouts.

2.    Dumbbells

There are many ways in which dumbbells can be used for bulging muscles, rapid fat loss, and cardiovascular fitness. Both men and women can use these as they come in varying sizes, shapes, and weights. You can do goblet squats, farmer’s walk, bent-over row, one-arm swing, bench presses, and step-ups among others. Being affordable, versatile, effective, and easy-to-use, it is no wonder dumbbells are a popular exercising choice among many people. They are also proven to provide bone health, especially for seniors. They also increase muscular endurance among athletes due to the numerous repetitions. 

3.    Board Balancing

Balance boards are other home workout equipment that can yield great results. They are usually used by the elderly, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts to improve coordination and balance. They usually come in various styles and work by standing on the boards and balancing yourself. This exercise has numerous physical benefits such as increasing proprioception, which is the subconscious ability to sense joint movements and the body position. The proprioceptive system can become less effective or damaged after an injury or with age. The balance board is, therefore, a good rehab tool to correct this. They also help increase the stability and strength of the core muscles, consequently improving the body posture. Balance board exercises have different degrees of difficulty and hence ideal for beginners and pros. Some of the exercises include balancing, knee pushups, and squats.

4.    Walking or Running on a Treadmill

Treadmills have become one of the popular Metairie home work out equipment due to the many health benefits they bring. There are countless health benefits that come with walking or running on a treadmill. These include weight loss, heart strength, decreased insulin resistance, and building muscle mass, among many others. As technology advances, so does the improvement in the modern treadmills, which now have the option to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure carefully. This is important for users who have certain health issues. The Horizon Elite T7 Folding Treadmill and the BH Fitness S3Ti Treadmill are examples of some of the best treadmills to buy. The treadmill is one of the best home workout equipment to achieve the best health results. They help work out the entire body and keep fit to fight some of the common diseases.  They reduce impact much better compared to running or walking outdoors. Treadmills are also believed to boost motivation and mental health. Scientists found that running on a treadmill helps the brain function better, make you feel happier and be healthier. 

5.    Stability Ball Exercises

Stability balls are the secret to strengthening the core, protecting joints and building muscles. They are also commonly referred to as balance balls, exercise balls and stability balls which take-home workouts to a whole new level. There are many ways you can use stability balls and have different degrees of difficulty. For example, they are used to cure back pain in patients as they improve spinal stability. Other benefits include increased muscle fibers, improve abdominal strength, coordination, and weight loss.