Top 5 Best Fitness Equipment and Exercises for the Abs

Top 5 Best Fitness Equipment and Exercises for the Abs

Whether you are an athlete or an ordinary employee, there is no doubt that great abs command attention. Look at male and female models and see how well they look topless. Their popularity has fueled the desire of many to have abs as great-looking as theirs. There is no need to resort to cosmetic surgery or any other short cuts just to have great abs though. With proper diet and the right fitness equipment, you should be one step closer to the fulfillment of your ideal physique.

Below is a list of the top 5 best fitness equipment and exercises for the abs.

  1. AB Scissor
    The AB scissor is one of the best exercise machines when it comes to the strengthening of the muscles in your lower, upper and oblique muscles. In fact, this abs device is strongly recommended by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. According to their studies, the AB scissor is more effective than the traditional crunching exercises.
  2. Torso Track II
    The Torso Track is a modified plank that comes with handles on either side to help you move forward and isolate the muscles near your stomach. It has an adjustable resistance making it an exercise tool that can be used by all resistance levels. Other than that, it is easy to use so you don’t get stuck reading all complicated instructions prior to working out.
  3. Exercise Ball
    The problem with the Torso Track II is that if you roll out too far, you will end up with lower-back pain. So in order to achieve the same results minus the pain, you can perform crunches on an exercise ball. As long as you do this exercise with the enough spaces in between your chin and your chest, then your spine remains in a neutral position and you won’t experience any pains at all.
  4. Captain’s Chair
    The Captain’s Chair is very effective fitness equipment that targets the abs. To use this tool, simply stand on it and then stabilize your upper body on the padded arms. Then, with your body weight supported by your arms, raise your legs and bring your knees towards your chest. This is a pretty basic exercise machine that does not come with strings requiring to be pulled. Easy to use, the Captain’s Chair is a staple in gyms and bone rehabilitation centers.
  5. 6 Second Abs
    You may have heard about this fitness equipment on TV or read about it in exercise magazines because its marketing has had far reaches. The 6 Second Abs is a tool that has been designed to ensure that you do your crunches right. This tool basically works like a resistance band in which tension increases every time you perform a crunch.

The condition of your abs muscles does not only help you get the attention you want. Healthy abs muscles also help reduce back pains, support the trunk and also assist in the breathing process. So it’s time to get moving and start stretching those muscles. Cut shortcuts and enjoy working out using any of the fitness equipment mentioned above.

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