Top Picks for the Best Leg Exercise Machines

Top Picks for the Best Leg Exercise Machines

Exercise machines make it easy to work out, especially for beginners.  With leg exercise machines, you can get the most benefits as you train your body to use the right muscles in your legs. 

 Fitness experts recommend that you focus on significant muscle group development when you use leg exercise machines at home or in the gym.  

It is, however, a daunting task to choose from several leg exercise machines and know which one would be best for you.  We will help make it easier by providing you information about the best leg exercise machines that you can find in a gym or that you can purchase for home use.

Best Exercise Equipment for Legs and Arms


There are many multi-functional gym equipments out there, like cardiovascular machines that work for the arms and legs.  These leg and arm exercise equipment train and develop your biceps, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, inner thighs, and outer thighs. 

 They allow you to exercise these muscles in different body positions and different planes of motion.

  • Rowing Machine

When you exercise using a rowing machine, your hamstrings and quadriceps get into work, while your biceps assist the upper back muscles during the rowing motion.

  • Elliptical equipment

Work out on an elliptical, and you will engage your hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, and triceps.

  • Bicycles with upper-body handles

Exercises with this leg and arm exercise machine emphasizes work-out on the quadriceps and hamstrings.

Best Exercise Equipment for Thighs, Bum, and Hips

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Overall fitness and speed include strength in your legs, bum, and hips.  The muscles in these areas of your body are engaged in providing you power and support for your body.  

They play essential roles for major everyday movements that you participate in, like walking, running, and climbing the stairs.  Having lower body strength in these areas will prevent muscle imbalances and improve your physique.

  • Leg Curl Machine

If your workout goal is to strengthen your hamstrings, this machine will do that for you.  With strong hamstrings, you can flex your knees better, run faster, squat heavier, and improve your balance.

  • Hack Squat Machine

This machine will help you work out your quads and engage your glutes and hamstrings to a greater extent.  While your legs develop to the desired shape, exercises on this machine will also strengthen your lower body, reinforce proper spinal alignment, and improve your posture.

  • Leg Press Machine

This is one of the best exercise machines for the thighs and bum.  Work up those glutes, quadriceps, adductor Magnus muscles, and your hamstrings by using this leg exercise machine. 

 By extending your legs pushing a platform upward, your buttocks and thighs will be strengthened.  

  • Cable Machine

This equipment can firm your entire body, and you can use it to target your thigh, hip, and bum muscles by performing hip abduction, adduction, and flexion exercises.  This exercise machine targets the gluteus minimus and medius in your buttocks and many thigh muscles.

  • Cardio Equipment

Much cardio equipment like the stationary bicycle, treadmill, or elliptical can tone and firm your bum and thighs.  Using higher resistance with this gym equipment will promote growth, strength, and firming of your buttocks, hips, and thigh muscles.

Best Leg Exercise Machines for Seniors

Innovations have made it possible to help seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical exercise.  There are leg exercise machines that are incredibly useful and friendly for seniors to use in an efficient, enjoyable, and safe way. 

A few have been mentioned earlier in this article.

  • Elliptical – a piece of cardio equipment that can also strengthen the bum, hips, and thighs
  • Recumbent Exercise Bike – allows maximum mobility, easy on the knees and back, can be customized according to fitness level.
  • Rowing Machine – great for building leg strength, stimulates bone growth and builds bone mineral density.
  • Exercise Peddlers – a perfect alternative for seniors with mobility and balance difficulties and those who are not able to cycle on a regular gym cycle equipment

Strengthen Those Legs with the Right Exercise Machines

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Increase your power through mobility by strengthening your legs and lower body muscles by using the right leg exercise machine.  Knowing the right equipment to use for your leg muscles and making sure you use the proper technique when exercising with these machines will give you the best benefits.  

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