The Torque F7 – Use it, Fold it Store it, Pull it Back Out

Sometimes in your home, space is a premium, but you can still have a home gym, even in an apartment. The Torque F7 is a folding, hideaway strength trainer that will make you change the way you think about weight machines.

Use It

The Torque F7 can help you get a toned, muscular body when you regularly add any of the 45 exercises this machine is capable of helping you to do. When you do these exercises, the machine replicates natural body motions that you typically do when engaged in other activities. If you are regularly dedicate to exercising with this machine and engage in endurance workouts, you can prepare your body for just about anything – even the Ironman 70.3, held annually in New Orleans.

Using your time efficiently during a workout is critical for getting your body sculpted as quickly as possible, which is why the Torque F7 has FAST-Attach parts that can quickly disconnect and reconnect to change the weight used or the exercises done. You can convert the Torque F7 from a leg machine into one for the arms in just a couple of seconds, which is about the same amount of time you would spend walking across the gym to use multiple machines to get the same total body workout. The bench is special because this trainer has docks for the bench to properly align the body for each of the exercises you do. Because your body is lined up correctly, you are more likely to use proper form, which helps to make your exercises more efficient while it reduces the chances of injury.

Fold It

How you fold this machine depends on whether or not you have the optional bench for it. The bench also folds up into the machine for storage. When you fold the Torque F7, it measures only 40-by-40 inches, which means that it takes up just over 11 square feet in your home. Compare that to a wardrobe that may take up twice that amount of space!

Store It

Because the Torque F7 takes up so little space, it can be stored anywhere. The outside of this trainer, when it is folded, resembles a cabinet with a modern design. You can see how little space the folded Torque F7 takes up or try out the machine in person at one of the Fitness Expo stores located around Louisiana and Mississippi.

Pull It Back Out

Opening up the machine and putting the parts together for exercising is a snap, especially with the quick-connect cables. Pulling out the Torque F7 without wasting time will help you get to your workout faster, giving you more time to exercise instead.

If you ever thought that you didn’t have space in your home for a professional-grade strength trainer, now is your chance to have your mind changed by the Toque F7 trainer that you can use, fold, store and pull back out at any time.