Trade up Your Treadmill to the BH Fitness T6 Sport

Trade up Your Treadmill to the BH Fitness T6 Sport

The Louisiana Marathon in Baton Rouge is coming up in January, but you need to start training now, whether you want to run the full 26.2 miles or the half or quarter marathons. A quality indoor treadmill ensures that you can run indoors at any hour in safety and comfort. The BH Fitness T6 Sport treadmill is a high-end indoor machine that is designed for serious runners.

Training for a Marathon

For anyone who has ever gone from a couch potato to a marathoner, the journey did not occur overnight. It takes months and years of dedication to reach certain fitness goals, but everyone did it with a single step. Having a treadmill in the house is a great way to get rid of any excuses you may have for running, and because you can program the treadmill to certain speeds, you can begin with a light walking regime and work your way up to jogging long distances. If you are not certain of the type of treadmill you want, check out the range of choices at Fitness Expo stores, which are located around Louisiana and in Mississippi. By trying before you buy, you can see if a treadmill is a right fit for you.

Why the T6 Sport Treadmill Works

Many people who have tried the BH Fitness T6 Sport treadmill have fallen in love with it. This machine is perfect for some marathoners who want to use a longer stride to get the most out of each movement. Compared to other treadmill models, the T6 Sport has a longer base that allows for a greater distance covered with each stride. If you want to boost your speed, this powerful treadmill boasts faster available speeds and more horsepower to back them up. Because this treadmill works hard, it also comes with a light commercial warranty that will protect the machine for moderate usage.

Why wait? Start your marathon training now before signing up for the upcoming Louisiana Marathon. You may not be able to do the full race the first year, but by working out at home on a reliable treadmill and adding outdoor running to your regime, you can build up your stamina to run a full marathon in a few years.