Tsunami Pro Indoor Cycle is Engineered to Last

Tsunami Pro Indoor Cycle is Engineered to Last

Cycling is one of the best and most enjoyable cardiovascular exercises, and is especially good for weight loss. But it can be hard to find the time in a busy lifestyle to go for a ride in the park. However, you can still enjoy the health benefits of cycling with the popular choice of an indoor exercise bike from Fitness Expo. Many models are relatively small, making them easy to fit into even the tightest residential space. Professional exercise bikes in gyms are usually built to be hard-wearing, while cheaper, domestic equivalents, often available from department stores, can have a lighter weight construction. The Tsunami Pro indoor cycle is engineered to be a robust piece of long-lasting exercise equipment.

The Tsunami Pro’s frame is constructed from large, heavy gauge oval tubing, giving it a maximum user weight of 350lb. It features a 50lb flywheel, ensuring a smooth action and avoiding the fly-away effect common with lighter spin cycles. The machine is designed for durability while the oversized shell gives increased bearing life. The metal chain guard is solidly constructed, keeping all of the working parts free of dirt and corrosive moisture. The corrosion-resistant seat, handlebars and sweat hoods ensure that the bike will continue to perform at its best for many years without maintenance.

The Tsunami Pro indoor cycle is comfortable to ride with easily adjustable seat post and handlebar settings. It also has a low step through height and variable resistance control to increase the workout intensity so the machine will continue to deliver results as your fitness improves. It weighs less than 75lb and has small wheels on the front allowing it to be moved easily. With a tiny footprint of around 4ft2 it can be stored easily too.

While it may be more expensive than some exercise bikes on the market, cheaper models can’t match the quality, innovative engineering and design of the Tsunami machine. At $1,199.00 the Tsunami Pro is a mid-priced spin cycle with the quality of a higher priced model.

Whatever your needs, Fitness Expo’s experienced staff in Louisiana or Jackson, MS will help you choose the best cycle for your fitness level and exercise requirements. Why not visit them today?