Weights: An Essential Element of Professional Fitness Equipment

Weights: An Essential Element of Professional Fitness Equipment

Professional body builders require more advanced equipment to train and maintain their physique. Apart from electronic machines such as treadmills, rowing apparatuses and elliptical trainers, fitness professionals rely on weights to augment their muscle mass. Traditional and novel versions of professional fitness equipment related to weight lifting are available in fitness stores for prices ranging from $80 to as much as $500.

Free Weights

The most fundamental kind of weight training device is the adjustable dumbbell, which has bars that can carry multiple weight plates. Traditional models consist of nuts and collars for fastening the disks, and crosshatch patterns intended for a more convenient grip. Selectorized dumbbells are also adjustable, but their weights are set mechanically, not manually. Fixed weight dumbbells are often made of cast iron, rubber with neoprene, or concrete covered with plastic. This type of dumbbell can be bought for as low as $0.97, depending on the material and weight.

Until recently, the kettlebell was not widely used by athletes. This type of professional fitness equipment is made of cast iron and looks like a cannonball with a handle. Kettlebells’ weights range from 4 pounds to 175 pounds, and its center of mass allows the user to exercise muscle groups beyond the hand. Some routines benefit even the hamstrings and the gluteus muscles at the buttocks. Sophisticated kettlebells are designed as one set with different weight increments, but have been proven to work just as well as conventional models.

Heavier and more challenging than the previous types of free weight are barbells, whose length varies from 4 feet to over 7 feet; the largest ones are preferred by powerlifters. The biceps and triceps can be developed using the standard barbell, curl bar, and triceps bar.Fixed barbells are like fixed weight dumbbells with their non-adjustable weights and are used by beginner weight lifters. Athletes who perform shrugs and deadlifts train with trap bars, while those who do overhead presses use thick-handled barbells. Exercises such as upright rows, triceps extensions, and hammer curls are performed using this type of professional fitness equipment.

Weight Machines
In addition to individual pieces of professional fitness equipment for weightlifting, athletes practice on weight training machines to increase resistance and challenge their muscle strength.

Stack Machine
Stack or rack machines contain different weight plates that are fastened together by a pin and a vertical bar, which can be lifted in a number of ways. Some stack machine models have levers with rollers while other designs have cables or belts with pulleys. Incline chest presses, upright rows and straight arm pull-downs are some of the routines that can be performed using this professional fitness equipment.

Plate-Loaded Machines
Unlike stack machines, plate-loaded machines use standard barbell plates and consist of steel rails where the barbells can be rested. Some models allow forward and backward movements as well as weight lifting from a squatting or sitting position. These machines are perfect for workouts such as bent-over rows and lying T-bar rows.

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