What are the Best Baton Rouge Fitness Equipment

What are the Best Baton Rouge Fitness Equipment

Whether your intention is to invest in fitness equipment or you are looking to lose weight on an efficient machine, possibly the most important step is to choose the proper fitness equipment for your needs. Over time manufacturers produce an innumerable quantity of equipment types and designs which can make it difficult when it comes to choosing the best exercise equipment.

To help you with your decision making when acquiring our high-quality fitness equipment, we have created this list with some of our top gym equipment.


The Hoist Lemond Series RevMaster Pro is quite different from any other spin bike. It has four-way adjustability for the height and fore-aft, with micro-adjustments capability on the seat and its handlebars. Every single feature this machine offers provides the user with a truly customizable experience. It includes improved corrosion resistance, a maintenance-free belt, and forged crank and brackets making this a really long-lasting machine that will last for years.

Key features:

– Improved corrosion resistance

– Quality and durable frame

– Seat with a micro-adjust fit which allows an increased and adjustable range for a perfect fit


The AMT 813 (Adaptive Motion Trainer) does respond to the users’ natural motion which allows them to modify their workouts by just adjusting the way they are moving their body. Its innovative design now comes with a longer stride length and fixed height to give exercisers of every fitness level with an extense variety of motions during workouts. Old or boring workouts will never be a thing with this machine which offers endless possibilities.

Key features:

– Adaptive motion responds to your movement

– Dynamically adapt stride length

– The LED-based display focuses on essential stats


The Horizon Comfort U Upright Bike honors its name by offering comfort to the exerciser. Starting with the easy to access step-through design and is widely demonstrated with the tested grips that correctly locate the user’s hands, consequently relieving stress and pressure on the wrists. Besides that, it also comes with an entirely adjustable seat that allows the user to obtain the perfect position.

Key features:

– Ergonomic grips that relieve strain and pressure on wrists

– Extra-wide adjustable seat that perfectly fits every user

– Wireless heart rate receiver capable to work with a chest strap or watch to monitor and control the heart rate


The Ab Coaster CS3000 is known to be the flagship of The Abs Company abdominal exercise line. This machine offers a freestyle motion with a smooth curved frame which enables you to do crunches with leg raises replicating natural spine flexion. Its ergonomic carriage posses a stainless steel design and offers a soft kneeling cushion that allows any level user to achieve a smooth abdominal exercise. It also offers adjustable handgrips that provide the user with an ultra-smooth ride.

Key features:

– Flowing curved frame for natural spine flexion

– Adjustable handgrips

– Stainless steel design


The Precor EFX427 Elliptical is a commercial model for the home. It keeps the user challenged with its 20 Resistance Preset programs, at the same time the Built-in Workout Accelerators offer options to get the most out of the workout. The CrossRamp ranges from 15 to 40 degrees, offering endless variety. This machine is one of the New Precision Series of Ellipticals part of commercial models for your home or gym. New technology is fed with your preferences and exercise data to deliver a customized workout.

Key features:

– 20 Resistance Preset programs

– Precor patented adjustable CrossRamp technology

– Variable Stride Geometry to focus on a specific muscle group


The Octane xR6 is a seated elliptical which redefined the recumbent exercise. Including workout boosters that will activate certain muscle groups in short bursts, this machine will push you to reach new exercise limits. It provides an effective workout without any impact on your knees, joints, or back.

Key features:

– Workout Boosters

– Powerstroke which allows the user full leg extension to activate 3x’s muscles and burn more calories

– Customized Comfort


The Matrix TF50 XR Simple Treadmill is the industry’s most advanced frame and deck combination. It includes an easy-folding design, durable Ultimate Deck, exclusive Johnson Drive System, and convenience features. The machine’s console features a clean, bright display that allows you to check your workout data at a glance.

Key features:

– Extra-wide blue LCD display

– Easy folding design

– Exclusive Johnson Drive System

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