What Do Fitness Consultants Do?

What Do Fitness Consultants Do?

Exercise equipment and how well it will work for you will vary based on your needs, but Shreveport fitness consultants are here to help you find the best possible gym equipment specifically for you. 

Fitness consultants make sure that those looking to improve their workouts or start working out at all have the latest information available to them and that clients understand what machines are ideal for certain health and fitness goals. 

We stopped into our Shreveport store and spoke with a few of them to bring you a few suggestions to help you find what you need. If you need something a little more specialized than those discussed here today, we highly recommend you give them a visit as well – that way you can make sure whatever you add to your home gym is precisely what’s going to work best for you

Still, the following machines are absolutely solid, great quality, are able to hold their own against professional gym equivalents, and come highly recommended. 

Shreveport Fitness Consultants for Strength Training

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym regularly but still want to bulk up or gain strength then you’ll either have to settle down for a solid set of free weights and a bench. Our fitness consultants can help make sure you make the right choice. Seeing as you want to have the best and not lose any of the quality in using gym equipment then you’ll want a solid all-in-one home gym. 

The Life Fitness g2 Home Gym w/ Leg Press offers a variety of benefits of health and fitness consultants will make sure that it is a solid fit for you – if it doesn’t meet your needs, we just won’t recommend it. 

Still, this Life Fitness machine is a solid sturdy home gym with the options to train all of your major muscle groups with a diverse array of exercise on gym-quality equipment. 

This single machine makes great use of the weight pulley system to offer you almost every option you’d want for leveraging your strength and making big gains! 

There are other similar options without the leg press, but we thought it best that if you wanted an all in one gym, to get a real one and not have to get a separate machine for strength training on the legs.

Fitness Consultants and Cardio Options

While there are an array of options to use when it comes to cardio, our Shreveport fitness consultants are trying to limit this down to just a handful of general options that work well for many people. 

First off would be an elliptical. Ellipticals give you the benefits of walking or running from the comfort of your own home while able to use different difficulty and track options in order to make every run the perfect run for training your heart and lungs. 

Not to mention their biggest selling point over treadmills being that their typically safer to use and provide good cardio with low impact on the joints. 

The BH Fitness S2XI Elliptical is an award-winning elliptical machine that offers you the best bang for your buck. It’s got a sleek and modern look to it and is relatively lightweight for this class of machine. It’s also compatible with both apple and android devices. It is also pre-programmed with 26 fitness programs and 24 levels of resistance to offer you the right level of training that you need.

Another great option that fitness consultants will likely discuss with you are rowing machines. 

Rowing machines offer you the ability to do cardio while training muscle groups all throughout your body making it one of the most physically complete workouts available on a cardio machine. If you were going to use only one machine in your life a rower would probably be the best choice that you can make for that machine. The Life Fitness Row HX Trainer is a solid rowing machine with easy to read and change resistance and distance options. The Row HX should be a good option for people new or old to rowing and will help work your body out from ankle to shoulder.


While it’s not hard to find a solid set of free weights, a bench comfortable to you, or a comfy yoga mat to do your stretching on, our Shreveport fitness consultants told us we should also discuss a great addition to your home gym that won’t be as easy to find a solid option for. 

The Teeter Countour L5 LTD is a top of the line inversion table that is great for stretching and exercising. Inversion tables are great for relieving aches and stress in joints all throughout your body and are great for working out your core and getting yourself beach body ready with the perfectly cut set of abs. 

The teeter contour is almost uncontested in its best in class quality in safety and comfort is built to last and keep its users safe through their workouts. Inversion tables are also a great addition to small home gyms since they are so easy to fold and store away in a closet along with other small items like free weight sets, a yoga mat, a rower and jump ropes along with any other miscellaneous small exercise machines and aids.

This all being said, the recommendations above from our Shreveport fitness consultants are a general guideline to get your fitness journey started. For a truly personalized experience, get in touch with one today